Your Wedding Ready Beauty Timeline

The countdown to your big day is on! You’re starting to get your dress, the venue and your guestlist ready but now is also the time to get your beauty routine on track ready for your wedding. We’ve broken down the absolute must-do’s for your beauty plan, with a timeline to make sure you’re looking your best when your wedding finally comes around.

1 year before your wedding day

Make sure you have your perfect smile by your wedding day! One year before you say “I do”, head to our website and fill in our free smile assessment to find out if EZ SMILE will work for you. Then pop into your nearest scanning centre or order an impression kit online. There’s no regular dentist visits and our average customer has the smile of their dreams in as little as 4-6 months meaning that you can spend more time planning your big day!

9 months to go

Make sure you are still wearing your clear aligners all day and night and only remove them when eating or drinking. Also be sure to change to the new sets of aligners when recommended to make sure your smile journey stays on track. It wouldn’t be a beauty timeline without a facial! Take this time to amp up your skin routine and get glowing, beautiful skin in no time.

6 months to go

After 6 months, your treatment might be complete. Make sure you’re maintaining your perfect smile by wearing your retainer each night for 2 weeks and then every second night after that to prevent your pearly whites from shifting back to where they used to be. Now is also a good time to book in your wedding beauty appointments – the hair, makeup and any manicures you plan to get.

3 months to go

Your big day is getting closer and closer! Now is the time to sort out all the finer details and get excited for what’s to come! Also make sure to continue wearing your retainer!

1-2 months to go

The smile of your dreams should be well and truly yours by now! Make sure to complement it by choosing a lipstick shade that will really show off your pearly whites. Schedule in your hair and makeup trial and complete the whole look!

1 week to go

The one week countdown is officially on! Treat yourself to another facial and anything else to make yourself feel great for your wedding.

3 days before

Now is not the time to skip out on your beauty routines! Make sure your skin care is up to scratch and make sure to moisturise!

1 day before

Relax! Everything is taken care of and you’re all ready for your wedding day.