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If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Here are some questions that you might find helpful.

Unfortunately at present we are not registered with Health funds. We believe that despite this we are still a viable option compared to other comparable options on the market.

Of course we do! However you will be paying in AUD.

Our EZ Instalments Plan is designed to be affordable for everyone.

Our EZ SMILE treatment is not designed to correct a bite issue as it will require to be overseen by an orthodontist to rectify. There is a possibility that your bite may improve slightly due to your teeth straightening. However EZ SMILE do not in any way claim to improve bites. So if it’s straight teeth you are after, EZ SMILE is for you!

You can order your new set of retainers from your EZ SMILE dashboard.

EZ SMILE is great to use when travelling, however, you will need to pay upfront so we can send all of your treatement to you before you leave.

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that have been moulded to the shape of your teeth. We use these to add small amounts of pressure to your teeth to move them into a new position. A retainer looks the same as an aligner, however it is slightly thicker and it is used to retain the shape of the teeth. A retainer is to be worn at night.