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Straight teeth
with clear aligners.
Only $2499

  • Up to 70%^ less than traditional braces
  • No face-to-face dental visits
  • Delivered directly to your home
  • Australian owned with local customer support
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The EZ SMILE teeth straightening process

EZ SMILE impression kit

Step 1

We’ll create your straightening plan
The experts in our lab will need to take a closer look at your teeth. You can either book a 3D scan at your closest centre, or order an impression kit to make moulds of your teeth from home.

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Step 2

Straighten your teeth with clear aligners
You’ll receive your personalised 3D teeth straightening plan that shows how your teeth will move and how many sets of clear aligners you’ll need to straighten your teeth.

It’s only when you love your plan that you pay $2499 and order your aligners. There’s plenty of payment options to suit your lifestyle. We then manufacture and send the aligners directly to you.

Don’t worry, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


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EZ SMILE retainers

Step 3

Keep your teeth straight with retainers
As with all teeth straightening processes, once your teeth are straight you’ll need to wear retainers at night. The first set is included with your purchase. You can then order additional sets of retainers for $179 from your customer portal.

Teeth straightening pricing


Choose the payment plan that suits your lifestyle*
All options are up to 70%^ less than traditional braces!

One time payment


Easy single payment
Clear aligners shipped directly to you

Best value

$2499 excl. fees*

No deposit, interest free
12 or 24 month options
Fast approvals

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*$2499 + $60 setup fee + $8 per month.
Australian customers only


$2499 excl. fees*

No deposit, 12 months interest free
Fast approvals

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*$2499 + $25 setup fee + $9.95 per month.
Australian customers only

EZ Instalments


$499 deposit
$45 x 52 weeks
No credit checks


Free 30 second assessment

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EZ SMILE Results
EZ SMILE Results
EZ SMILE Results
EZ SMILE Results
EZ SMILE Results

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No face-to-face appointments
Fits into your busy schedule


Easy to follow instructions
and support provided

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Costs up to 70% less than
traditional braces


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Have you still got questions?

EZ SMILE teeth aligners are designed to straighten your teeth gradually and over time with small movements that apply gentle pressure to your teeth. Our clear aligners are designed for your specific requirements, which means that each aligner will play a different role in moving your teeth into the desired position. Some teeth may require more movement than others which means that some teeth will need more pressure applied to them through your custom aligners.

EZ SMILE clear aligners are made using a smooth, high-quality BPA-free plastic that is designed to provide all day comfort. Unlike traditional braces, your custom aligners will not irritate your cheeks or your gums.

Unlike traditional teeth straightening methods, clear aligners are designed to provide a natural, almost invisible appearance. Confidently ace your next interview, meeting, or appointment knowing that your custom clear aligners will be almost imperceptible to everyone in the room.

Everyone is different, which is why we approach aligners on a case-by-case basis. Before we can determine if you are the right fit for aligners, we conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation. From there, we can determine the best course of action for your unique circumstances. If we believe that you are not the right fit or you require a different form of treatment, we’ll let you know – it’s that simple.

Teeth straightening is a work in progress. At the end of your treatment, you will need to continue to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth maintain their new, corrected position. The retainer should be worn full-time for the first two to four weeks post treatment, or until you feel your teeth are not moving when retainer is out for the day, and then each night after that. If you don’t wear them each night you risk teeth moving again over time. This is the same for any teeth straightening process, clear aligners or metal braces.

Unlike some of the other companies on the market, we won’t try to charge you an additional fee for your initial retainers. Your first set of retainers are included in the cost of your aligners.

Retainers are designed to last for a period of 6 months. When required, you can purchase additional retainers for $179 per set.

Yes! you must be 16 years or older to qualify for EZ SMILE treatment.

Each case is different, so it is not possible to tell without reviewing your individual case and circumstances. In most cases, treatment will take somewhere between 4-8 months depending on the individual.

Getting the most out of aligners means making a serious commitment to getting the smile you want. You need to commit to wearing your aligners for a period of 20-hours each day. The more you commit, the better (and generally, faster) the results will be.

That all depends on the terminology that you (and others) choose to use.

To us, clear aligners are a customised clear plastic tray like a mouthguard that is designed to straighten your teeth over time – that’s EZ SMILE. Clear braces generally refer to non-removable metal braces that have a clear or colourless appearance.

We believe that clear aligners should be available to everyone. That’s why we have partnered with ZIP Money and Humm to provide payment plan options that allows you to straighten now and pay off over a 12 or 24 month period. You can find out more about payment options here.