Get a Smile as Bright as Your New Engagement Ring

Congrats! You or your partner have popped the question and now the countdown to your big day is on! There’s all the big things to sort out like the dress, the venue and the guest list but now is also the time to start thinking about making sure your smile is ready for all of the photos to come. Below are 4 things you can start doing now to make sure you have your perfect smile for your wedding.

1.Cut back on the teeth staining drinks.

Hey, we love a cup of coffee and a glass of red just as much as the next person, but we also know that these aren’t doing our pearly whites any favours. If you absolutely can’t give the coffee or wine a miss as you’re planning your wedding (and we can’t blame you), there are plenty of ways to keep staining at bay. Try a green tea – which studies show that improve your teeth and gum health as well as help with weight loss, cholesterol and has anti-aging properties!

2.Snack Wisely

Next time you’re reaching for a snack post wedding planning, go for some strawberries. Although the berries may look staining, they actually contain malic acid which is an enzyme that can naturally help whiten your teeth. Apples are another great choice – and they freshen your breath, win-win!

3.Pick the right lip colour

It’s true, the right lip colour can enhance your bright smile even more. To make your pearly whites stand out, reach for a lip colour that is a deep red or berry-like pinks and plums with blue undertones. Avoid colours with yellow tones, like corals or orange reds which will bring out the yellow in your teeth.

A bright smile is amazing but a straight smile is even better! Our average treatment time is 4-6 months so we can have you wedding ready in no time. Our at home impression kits mean that there are no pesky appointments to take away from planning your big day. If you would prefer, visit one of our scanning partners for a FREE 3D teeth scan instead. All of your Clear Aligners are delivered direct to you so we take the hassle out of getting your perfect smile.

And that’s it! Get back to planning your wedding day and leave your perfect smile to us!