My Teeth Are Straight but Have Gaps: Can I Use Aligners?

If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought “My teeth are straight but have gaps – what can I do?”, you’re not alone. Minor gaps in teeth, or diastema, are prevalent; and while some people aren’t bothered by these tiny gaps, others may seek to have them fixed.

When it comes to how to get rid of a gap in your teeth, the idea of getting braces for such a minor flaw seems a little excessive. If you’ve heard of EZ SMILE, you’re likely wondering “My Teeth Are Straight but Have Gaps: Can I Use Aligners?”. The answer is yes – in many cases, EZ SMILE’s clear aligners are ideal for closing minor gaps in otherwise straight teeth. However, clear aligners are only appropriate when small movements are required – not everyone is a candidate for EZ SMILE.

Within this guide, we’re going to outline what causes these minor gaps and what your solutions are for closing minor gaps when your teeth are relatively straight already.

What Causes a Gap Between Your Teeth?

Numerous factors can cause the gaps that form between teeth, and often the causes will vary from person to person. Growth can occur haphazardly, and often teeth that are smaller than average, or a jaw that is larger than average, can contribute to the spacing between teeth.

If you are missing teeth or have lost teeth prematurely, this causes replacement teeth to improperly fill the gaps between. This can cause larger or smaller gaps depending on the location in your mouth, as teeth can be misaligned, displacing other teeth, and contributing to gaps between teeth increasing.

Another more serious cause is the prevalence of gum disease; unlike genetic causes of diastema, gum disease comes from neglect or bad dental habits. Inflammation that occurs around the gum and bones of your teeth can cause them to loosen, which causes gaps. Some gum diseases are painless in the early stages, causing them to spread without you even noticing them. Regular check-ups with a dentist are essential to mitigating this risk.

Whatever the cause for the gaps between your teeth, fear not that it can be corrected. Some patients may require orthodontic intervention, clear aligners, or the use of prosthetics in extreme circumstance.


Your Options to Fix Gaps in Your Teeth:

The answers to how to get rid of a gap in your teeth are as varied as their causes. Modern dental technology has improved dramatically, and today’s modern patient has access to several options that were not once readily available.

1. Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic approach to fixing gaps in between front teeth. A veneer is a thin section of porcelain that is placed and bonded over the front of your tooth. The piece is individually created to match the shape and colour of your teeth perfectly. The veneer is bonded over the front of the affected tooth to cover up the imperfections or gaps. Veneers are a popular choice for more dramatic changes to a smile and are a cosmetic treatment.

2. Metal Braces

Perhaps the most commonly known and most traditional fix for gaps between teeth is braces. Made with either metal or porcelain, braces are affixed to teeth for an extended period of time to make large changes in teeth alignment and bite. Metal wires or rubber bands provided the required force to move the teeth into their correct position and fix any gaps.

3. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is another way to fix large gaps between teeth. Bonding follows the same procedure as if you had chipped a section of your tooth. The dentist will apply a resin that matches your tooth colour and shape it to mimic the natural look, then use this resin to patch in the gaps to look natural in your smile.  The resin is then hardened using a UV light, which ‘bonds’ the teeth to close the gap it is fixing.

4. Aligners

Aligners are often considered a more affordable, convenient, and comfortable alternative to braces. They are clear, plastic fittings that, when worn, slowly bring the teeth into the ideal position. Treatment using aligners does take a longer time than veneers or dental bonding to fix gaps; the result of using aligners is no less effective and can often be longer-lasting. Clear aligners are most appropriate for those with minor gaps in their teeth.

How Aligners Can Help You

Help, my teeth are straight but have gaps; what can I do!?

In the case of minor gaps, the best answer for how to get rid of a gap in your teeth is clear aligners. Aligners can aid in moving teeth together, through small, gradual movements. EZ SMILE’s clear aligners exert the optimal amount of pressure on your teeth to shift them together, correcting minor misalignments and spaces between teeth. Aligners are a great alternative to braces or more technical orthodontic solutions.

EZ SMILE’s clear aligners are up to 70% more affordable than a standard braces setup. And because these dental aligners are made from a durable and flexible style of plastic, unlike braces, they can be removed and cleaned, which leads to a brighter, healthier smile.

Aligners often work much faster than braces, with the average treatment length for EZ SMILE’s aligners taking as little as twelve months, compared to the average two-year program required for braces.

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, clear aligners can be organised and used without making a costly appointment with a dentist.

Who Is a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Whilst aligners offer benefits for all types of patients, there are a few scenarios where the use of an aligner is most effective. If you have small gaps between all your teeth, then you are an ideal candidate for EZ SMILE aligners. This spacing can often occur when your teeth are too small in relation to your jaw.

Patients with small to moderate gaps in their teeth do not want to undertake a significant and potentially painful orthodontic procedure like braces. EZ SMILE aligners are clear, making them practically invisible when worn. For those concerned with the visual aspects of some more intense dental treatments, aligners could be an excellent option for you.

If, however, you have a larger and a higher quantity of gaps between your teeth, then aligners may not be an appropriate option to fix your gaps. For example, if you have a tooth missing or more than a 6mm gap between two teeth, then an alternate option will be more effective.

Effective Tooth Gap Management through EZ SMILE

Clear aligners are made specifically for your teeth. EZ SMILE offers a personalised approach to answering the common question of “How to get rid of a gap in your teeth?”. EZ SMILE’s approach is straightforward, inexpensive, and convenient for individuals looking to correct the gaps in their teeth without the fuss and expenses of braces.

Straightening your teeth and fixing gaps has numerous benefits beyond just being cosmetic. Teeth that are straight and together make it easier to keep on top of your oral health and avoid disease, as they are easier to clean and maintain.

If your teeth are straight but you have minor gaps, you’ve found the solution! EZ SMILE offers clear aligners at one of the most affordable prices on the Australian and New Zealand markets. EZ SMILE’s clear aligner comes at a fraction of the total cost of the more extreme braces or veneers treatments. Our main goal is to deliver all our customers high quality and effective aligners, that are almost invisible and offers little to no inconvenience.

If you are over 16 and looking to begin your EZ SMILE journey, follow our free 30-second questionnaire to get started and see if you are a candidate.