Getting Clear Aligners as An Adult

Teeth Straightening for Adults

Teeth straightening with clear aligners is becoming more common in adults, in fact, about one out of every five orthodontic patients are adults. Adult teeth can be successfully straightened with clear aligners from companies such as EZ SMILE. This blog will answer any questions you might have about teeth straightening as an adult.

Can Teeth be Straightened as An Adult?

Healthy teeth can be straightened at any time and any age. Complications faced by adults such as misalignment, gaps, overbites and underbites are still treatable. Clear aligners from EZ SMILE offer a discrete treatment method for adults who are wanting to straighten their smile. It is important to note that direct to consumer clear aligner treatments are ideal for individuals with moderate misalignment issues.

What Causes Teeth to Shift in Adults?

Teeth continue to move throughout our lives, even throughout our adulthood. Some of the most common factors that cause teeth to shift in adults are jawbone growth, periodontitis, bruxism, extractions, and general pressures. As the jaw continues to grow forward and become narrower as we age, our lower teeth may become more crowded. Persistent gum disease or periodontitis, causes gums to recede and loss in the bone structure supporting your teeth, causing them to shift. Nocturnal bruxism (teeth grinding) can wear away the tooth structure and in some circumstances, cause teeth to shift. After a tooth or teeth have been extracted, the surrounding teeth will generally start shifting over time, however, this is often not the case with wisdom tooth extractions. As well as all these factors, daily general pressures such as talking, eating, and breathing exert pressure on our teeth, causing them to slightly shift naturally throughout our life.

Are Clear Aligners Good for Adults?

Clear aligner treatments are an effective teeth straightening method for adults, and are more suitable for an adult’s lifestyle than traditional braces. Clear aligner treatments offered by EZ SMILE allow a teeth straightening method for adults that do not inconvenience or interrupt an already busy lifestyle. EZ SMILE make the process as convenient as possible by providing at home impression kits and requiring no in person consultations or a scan at one of our 14 scanning partners.

Clear aligners offer a teeth straightening method for adults that is discrete, with little discomfort and best of all – hassle free. The fact that clear aligners are almost invisible makes them more appealing to adults as they are able to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing. Best of all – companies such as EZ SMILE straighten your teeth at an affordable price of just $2499.

Effective Teeth Straightening with EZ SMILE

Clear personalised aligners are an easy, inexpensive, convenient, and suitable teeth straightening method for all ages, including adults.

EZ SMILE offers clear aligners for one of the lowest prices in Australia and New Zealand and for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. Our top priority is to deliver our customers high quality, effective clear aligners with little to no inconvenience.

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