Meet your EZ SMILE Impression Kit Tools

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your smile journey – we hope you’re just as excited as we are!

If you have opted to order one of our impression kits you will be receiving it soon in the mail, or better yet you may have already received it. Here we will break down each of the tools you will receive and help you get smile ready in no time.

1. Green and white putty: You will have 5 green putty cups and 5 white putty cups in your impression kit. You will mix the green with the white to make your impressions.

2. Impression trays: You will have 8 trays, 4 upper and 4 lower. These will help hold the putty mixture in your mouth when you are taking your impressions.

3. Gloves: You will receive 2 pairs of gloves – just to keep your hands, mouth and the moulds clean.

4. Impression guide: Your impression guide booklet will be your new best friend. It outlines common mistakes to avoid and gives some great tips to make sure you are taking the perfect impression of your teeth. You can also view our video instruction here.

5. Reply Paid Postage Bag: When you’ve completed your impressions, you can pop them in the bag and send back to us. The quicker you send them back, the sooner you’ll see what your new smile could look like.

And there you have it! These 5 tools will start you on your journey to the perfect smile. You’ll notice that we have given you quite a few of each tool even though you will just be taking one impression. That’s because we want to make sure you have more than enough of each part just in case your first impression doesn’t quite work out.

We know you’re excited, but don’t forget to read all of the instructions in the impression guide to make sure you’re making some great impressions. A bright light and mirror will come in handy so the bathroom is a great place to start. Before you begin, brush and floss your teeth, wash and dry your hands, put on your gloves and have a timer ready to keep your impressions on track.

You’ve got this! Your perfect smile is just a few impressions away.