The EZ SMILE Impression Kit | Work On Your Smile

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to put your perfect smile on hold – in fact, now is the perfect time! With enforced isolation due to the impact of Covid19, our at home impression kits are your new best friend. Yes, this means you can get started on having straight teeth from the comfort of your own home!

So how do I begin? Firstly, visit the EZ SMILE website and take the FREE 30 second Assessment to determine if EZ SMILE is initially right for you.

Then, you can order your Impression Kit online for $99 (The kit is FREE if you end up buying your Clear Aligners – there’s a $100 refund when you order the aligners). Your kit includes:

  • Impression trays and putty
  • Easy to follow instructions (there’s also a video demo)
  • Extra putty so you can ensure your moulds are perfect
  • FREE shipping to your door with pre-paid return shipping

When your kit arrives, follow the instructions provided to create a perfect mould of your teeth.

We all know that first impressions count… Our top tips to make a good impression include:

  • – Try the sizes of trays to find which one best fits your mouth. There is one for upper and one for lower arches, so make sure you use the correct one. Also, open all layers of the box, there are 2 layers.
  • – Mix the green and white putty very quickly and put it in the tray within one minute.
  • – When the tray is in your mouth, push the tray up with both of your thumbs at the back and the front evenly in a smooth motion. Ensure your lip is over the front of the tray then gently massage and press the skin between your top lip and your nose and mould the putty up into your gums and around your teeth. This will ensure that you capture the whole shape of each tooth as we need to see the gum line around all the teeth.
  • – Keep the mould in your mouth for at least one minute to allow it to set.
  • – Once you feel the putty set around your teeth, gently remove and check vs the examples in the instruction booklet.
  • – Repeat the process making any changes needed to keep improving. Please ensure all of the putty is used and send back 2 upper and 2 lower impressions. This way we can check and use the best available mould to create your 3D teeth straightening plan.
  • – We encourage you to email photos of your impressions to the team at [email protected] so we can check the quality of the impressions before you send them back to us. This way we can arrange some extra putty if you struggled to get a great impression.
  • – Once advised by our team, then box them up ready to send back.

Use the pre-paid satchel to return your Impressions back to the EZ SMILE HQ for processing. We’re also here to answer any questions you have, so don’t hesitate to call the team on 1300 936 400 or email at [email protected]

After we receive your impressions they are digitally scanned and the professionals in our lab will create a personalised 3D-teeth straightening plan from your impressions showing you how your teeth move to their new straight position. If you’re happy with your final result it’s only then that you need to pay and order your aligners. They’ll be delivered directly to your door around 21 days from ordering. It’s that easy!



Getting started with EZ SMILE is risk free. The orthodontist in our lab will assess your teeth and determine if we are able to straighten them. If we are unable to treat you, the cost of the Impression Kit is fully refundable.