Teeth Impressions

The impression kit includes everything you need to make accurate moulds of your teeth. The experts in our lab use these moulds to create your teeth straightening plan. It’s important that you get your impressions correct as they are also used to create your clear plastic aligners that fit your teeth.

Your impression kit includes putty to make your impressions, trays for the putty with easy to follow instructions, FREE Shipping, pre-paid return shipping label, and your 3D treatment plan.

Your plan shows you exactly how your teeth will move into their final straight position. Start now.

Yes! we have provided multiple ways to assist you in making your impressions. There is a QR code on the inside of the impression kit guide, this will link you to a video that will take you step by step through the process.We recommend watching the whole video before taking the impressions. For more information on how to make your impressions:

You have around 90 seconds before the putty starts to go firm, so aim to have the putty mixed and rolled in 60 seconds, then into your mouth pressing evenly.

A good impression should look like a perfect rendering of your teeth – this means the outlines of your teeth are defined, without drag marks and uneven lines, as well as making sure the whole tooth has been captured ie the impressions are deep enough to see impressions of the tops of the teeth and gum line.

The gumline is the point above and below your teeth the meets your gums. Its important to capture this in your impressions as this will help our team at the lab manufacture the perfect fitting aligners.

When spreading the putty in the tray, make sure that there is enough putty spread evenly in the tray. When you sink your teeth into the putty ensure you can feel that your teeth are fully covered by the putty and your upper lip is pulled over the top of the tray. To help make sure you capture the gums and tops of the teeth you can massage the top lip that’s over the tray so you are essentially pushing the putty into and around your teeth and gums.

You may experience some discomfort while waiting the 3 minutes for the putty to set. However, this should not cause you pain.To avoid discomfort make sure you choose the correct sized tray for your mouth. If you choose a size too big it can hit your jawbone uncomfortably.

Yes, there will be saliva involved and a bit of dribble, so be prepared with a box of tissues.

You can email photos of your impressions to [email protected] and we can check them before you send them back. If your impressions look like they are not good enough, we will be able to send you more putty for a cost of $25 rather then ordering another impression kit (RRP $90)

If it is determined that EZ SMILE isn’t appropriate for you, we will refund your impression kit purchase price. You can learn more about refund in our refund policy.

By answering a few simple questions and sending us photos of your smile. It only takes 30 seconds.

You will use this kit to take impressions of your teeth at home. These will help our team create your personalised EZ SMILE treatment plan of clear aligners.

Simply follow the instructions provided and watch the video to make your EZ SMILE impressions. Then send us photos to check them at [email protected]. If we think they’re good to go, return them in the labelled pre-paid satchel provided. You can drop this into any Australia Post box or office. The postage is included in your purchase price.

The impression kit has 5 sets of putty and we need 2 upper and 2 lower impressions. This gives you the opportunity to try again if one fails. If you want to make sure your impressions are good, just email us photos to [email protected] and we will tell you. If both your impressions are not good, we will just send you more putty and all you have to pay is $25 rather than another kit that usually costs $99. Our expert customer service team is also available to provide tips so please just reachout if you have any issues.

The end result of completing a scan or an impression kit is the same, there is no difference in the quality of the outcome. Whichever way you prefer to start your EZ SMILE journey, both methods will create accurate models of your teeth for us to create your 3D treatment plan and perfectly fitting aligners. If you live in a remote area or are not close to a scanning partner clinic, then an impression kit is a perfect solution.

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