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How to make
your impressions


Top Tips

  • 1 Push evenly through the back and front teeth at the same time, then pull your lips over the front of the tray. Don’t push the front or back down first, otherwise you’ll get drag marks.
  • 2 Press the skin between your top lip and your nose (for upper arch) or between your lower lip and chin (for lower arch). This helps to capture the shape of each tooth and gumline. Wait 2-3 minutes and then carefully remove.
  • 3 Send us your photos.
  • 4 Review your impressions. Please see the EZ Checklist below.

What makes a
good impression

Upper Arch

Upper Arch Upper Arch

Lower Arch

Lower Arch Lower Arch

What to avoid

What a bad impression looks like.
Avoid these common mistakes.
  • Broken teeth

    The teeth have broken through the putty
    and the tray is visible.

  • Impression not deep

    This impression is not deep enough.
    The gums and molars cannot be seen.

  • Lack of pressing

    Drag marks caused by lack of pressing.
    Shape of teeth & gumline are not visible.

  • Lip not over the front tray

    The lip was not over the front of the tray. Teeth
    are not close enough to the front of the tray.

Sorry! We won’t be able to use your
impressions if they look like this.

Common mistakes

  • Not watching the how-to video
  • Moving the tray or your teeth during the process
  • Not pulling your lip over the outside of the tray
  • Talking (we know - it's hard!)
  • Removing the putty from the tray - leave it in

You’ll be making
2 upper & 2 lower
impressions of your teeth



Check impression area for each of these points

    Can you see your gumline through the whole impression?


    Have you made sure your teeth haven’t broken through the putty?


    Is your impression free from drag marks and showing the whole shape of each tooth including the gumline above and below your teeth?


    Do you have a good deep impression of your back teeth?


    Have you uploaded your six assessment photos to your dashboard?


If your impressions don’t meet these guidelines, contact us to discuss at or call 1300 936 400. Please don’t send back before you do this.


Have you sent
us your photos?

Please send clear, close-up photos of your impressions to
and we’ll let you know if they’re ok to send back.

DON’T FORGET we need two upper
AND two lower impressions.