Dos and Don’ts When Taking Your Impressions

So, you’ve received your impression kit, what now? Follow this blog for tips on how to make the perfect impressions to start your EZ SMILE journey.

How to Make a Good Impression?

You will be making two upper and two lower impressions of your teeth. In order to make a perfect impression there are a few simple steps and guides to follow during the process. First, when mixing your putty, make sure to mix it quickly as it will set, ensuring the colours are blended completely with no marbling effect. Rolling into a ball and squashing, then repeating is the best way to achieve this quickly. Then roll into a sausage shape that is a little thicker in the middle before placing in the tray. This mixing process should take less than a minute.

Secondly, place the putty sausage into the mouth tray, smoothing it out evenly to fill. Aim to have the tray in your mouth within 60-90 seconds of starting to mix the putty. Once the tray is placed in your mouth, push evenly through the back and front teeth at the same time, then pull your lips over the front of the tray. Avoid pushing the front or back down first as this will cause drag marks.

Thirdly, it is helpful to press or massage the skin between your top lip and your nose (for upper arch) or between your lower lip and chin (for lower arch). This ensures the putty is pressed in and around your teeth and gums to ensure the shape of each tooth and gumline is captured.

Lastly, wait 2-3 minutes, then carefully remove the tray from your mouth and repeat this process for the remaining arch. After completing this process for both arches, send photos of your impressions to [email protected] before you return them.

What to Look for in a Good Impression

After making your impressions it is important to check both the lower and upper arches for no broken putty or drag marks. A good impression will consist of defined teeth marks, deep impressions of the back teeth, single imprints and a visible gumline.

What to Avoid When Taking Your Impressions

To avoid making common mistakes when taking your impressions, it is important to avoid talking, removing the putty from the tray as well as moving the tray or your teeth during the process. While taking your impression it is also important to pull your lip over the outside of the tray, to position your teeth in the putty correctly.

At the end of the process, observe your impressions to make sure they do not contain any of the following common mistakes:

  • – Drag marks, caused by lack of pressing (shape of teeth and gumline are not visible).
  • – The impression is not deep enough (the gums and molars cannot be seen).
  • – The teeth have broken through the putty and the tray is visible.
  • – The lip was not over the front of the tray, this causes the teeth to not be close enough to the front of the tray.

For a further, in-depth guide on making your impressions, scan the QR code found in your impression kit or follow this link, to watch our step by step guided video on how to make your impressions.