Do Aligners Hurt? Your Guide to Aligner and Pain

We have all heard the horror stories about the pain involved in teeth straightening but do Clear aligners hurt in the same way? People have stories about not being able to eat solid food because of their braces, not being able to bite down, bleeding tongues, it’s like a warzone! So, it is only natural to be asking the question, do invisible aligners hurt? Unlike braces, clear aligners are not stuck to your teeth and can be taken out at any time, including when eating so you don’t have to worry about being on a baby food diet for the duration of your treatment. Certain types and levels of discomfort are totally normal and are a sign of the treatment working! We will go into what you should expect from your treatment.

Why Do Aligners Hurt?

Though clear aligners are far less uncomfortable than braces, the reality is any teeth straightening method will involve a level of discomfort. It is unavoidable when it comes to moving teeth. It is actually a good sign to feel some level of irritation as it means they are effectively adjusting the alignment of your teeth and that the treatment is working! You may find some stages cause more pain than others as they might be more teeth movement in those stages. In the first few days after you change aligners, you are more likely to experience more tenderness and pressure as your teeth shift to conform to the new aligner stage.

In terms of the question do aligners hurt, the answer is that people often experience discomfort in the form of pressure or tenderness in their teeth. Don’t let this deter you from wearing your aligners! Though it may not be the most pleasant experience, keep consistent with the amount of time you wear your aligners as the discomfort now will be worth the results!

Another type of irritation that you may experience is tenderness in the tongue. This is definitely less common with clear aligners than it is with traditional methods of teeth straightening. We have all heard the horror stories of bleeding tongues and gums as a result of wire braces! However, when something foreign is in your mouth, your tongue often finds it hard to resist and clear aligners are no exception and this can cause slight irritation.

The edges of the aligners can also irritate your gums. Our gums are not used to having something consistently resting against them so, naturally, they are going to react and become a bit irritated. Our aligners have very smooth edges to limit these issues.

Discomfort Not Caused by Clear Aligners

Considering your clear aligners are shifting the positioning of your teeth in your gums, a bit of tenderness is to be expected. However, we don’t want you to be thinking, do aligners hurt this much? If you are in severe pain, they may be an issue that needs to be addressed.

If your aligners are causing your tongue or gums to bleed, there may be an issue with the edges of the aligners. You can contact EZ Smile to determine what to do if this happens. Your teeth may become slightly loose with the treatments as they are moving in your gums so don’t think all your teeth are about to fall out. However, they should not be extremely wobbly. You also should not be in consistent, extreme pain throughout your treatment. If regular pain killers are not providing any relief, it may be a sign of an issue.

If you are one of the very few that experience any of the above symptoms, give our EZ SMILE customer service team a call.

How Long Do Aligners Hurt For?

The discomfort you feel during your EZ SMILE treatment will vary depending on the stages of treatment. If you are concerned about how long do aligners hurt for, the reality is that the more tender periods will last for the first few days of wearing new aligners. You do not have to be concerned that your mouth will be in agony for the duration of your 4-8 month treatment because your teeth will shift and adjust at each stage and the pain will lessen over the days that you wear each set. If the pain lasts longer than a few days, there could be another issue that should be discussed with the EZ SMILE team. But the reality is, your answer to the question do clear aligners hurt does depend on how much you commit to treatment. Wearing your aligners consistently, particularly in the first few days of a new set, will help your teeth quickly adjust to their new alignment and will lessen the pressure and tenderness you may be experiencing.

Do Clear Aligners Hurt More Than Braces?

If you are tossing up between different types of treatment, you may be wondering do teeth aligners hurt more or less than braces?

Traditional braces can be very uncomfortable. Instead of switching aligners at different stages of treatment, your orthodontist will change the wires running through the braces which tightens them creating more pressure. These wires are often quick sharp at their ends which can dig into your cheeks and cause bleeding. The duration and level of pain that comes with these wire changes are worse than changes in aligners. Also, the braces are pieces of metal stuck on your teeth consistently and they often dig in and cut the inside of your mouth. Eating with braces can be painful and messy as they food often gets caught between the braces and wires. The process of removing braces is also very unpleasant as they are forcefully snapped off your teeth which can be stressful.

On the other hand, clear aligners are made to fit your teeth exactly. They are much smoother than braces and do not have the same risk of injuring the inside of your mouth as there is no risk of wires or metal cutting your gums. Clear aligners are easily removed at home and eating is as simple is it normally is. The gradual changes in the fit of the aligners also allows for easier transitions between stages of treatments. There is minimal disruption to your everyday routine with clear aligners so your answer to do invisible aligners hurt more than braces is no!

You may be wondering, how long do aligners hurt for? When you compare the total length of treatment, EZ SMILE treatments typically last for 4-8 months which is significantly shorter than braces which are usually on for 18-24 months. Hopefully that helps you make your decision!

How You Can Reduce Discomfort with Aligners

If the question, do invisible aligners hurt, is something that is concerning you, never fear! You don’t have to sit tight and suffer through the discomfort with nothing to alleviate.

It seems counter-intuitive but the best way to reduce the discomfort at the start of your new stages of treatment is to wear your aligners as much as possible. This will help your teeth shift into the desire position for the phase quicker than if you neglect to wear them the recommended 20 hours a day and will make the adjustment period shorter. Another tip is putting in your new set of aligners in at night so that you are asleep for the initial adjustment period and won’t even remember the discomfort!

One thing that can decrease the amount of tenderness you experience is avoiding crunchy, hard foods in the first few days of wearing new aligners. Treat your teeth with kindness as they adjust to their new position and stick to softer, gentler foods. Also try to avoid clenching your jaw to lessen the pressure on your teeth.

Feel free to take pain killers if you are struggling as well. There is nothing like Panadol to help you get through those tender periods and help the answer to the question, do teeth aligners hurt, be not really!

Choose EZ Smile for the Easiest Treatment

Though clear aligners can cause some discomfort, it is totally manageable. Hopefully your question do aligners hurt is answered and that the prospect of a few days of tenderness does not stop you from getting the smile you want with EZ SMILE!

EZ SMILE’s top quality aligners are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of straightening with our treatment costing only $2499! We also offer the convenience of requiring no in person consultation but our friendly Australian based customer support team is always available to address questions about your treatment. Take the free 30 second assessment on our website and begin your EZ SMILE journey today.