Self Care for Teeth

Self care for teeth is something that lots of people do not prioritise enough. It’s very easy to assume that brushing is enough to maintain good dental health but our teeth need more attention than that!

The trend of general self care has recently taken off and people are giving their mental and physical health more attention than ever. Social media is littered with videos about skin care, mindfulness, even videos about how to take care of your ears!

So why should we deny our teeth the same level of pampering? They do so much work for us whether its chewing up the food we eat or expressing our emotions and they definitely deserve our time and attention!

We will outline some simple, easy steps to include into your day, like how to access and use EZ SMILE’s products, to boost your self care for teeth routine to the next level! Never fear! This article will discuss how to care for your teeth and, luckily for you, it’s super EZ!

What Is Self-Care for Teeth?

We often hear about self care in the forms of wellbeing exercises or skin care but you may be wondering what is self-care for teeth and how to properly care for your teeth.

Self care describes the act of practicing health management for yourself without the assistance of a professional. Essentially, it means putting time and effort into looking after yourself whether that is using an extensive number of skin care products or practicing mindfulness once a day. Self care is not just important for your physical health, it is also beneficial to increase the level of routine in your everyday life and practice good habits.

In terms of how this applies to your teeth, it simply means investing in products that will benefit the health of your teeth and mouth and improve oral hygiene. There are many ways in which you can practice self care for teeth which are inexpensive, quick and easy to implement into your daily routine.

The Importance of Self Care for Teeth

Your teeth need more than just a quick brush to keep them healthy and strong. There are many benefits to having a proper oral self care routine the main one being the prevention of all sorts of dental problems such as gum disease, cavities, enamel decay and even something as simple as bad breath. In the long term, proper self care for teeth prevents tooth loss which causes complications with eating, speech and premature aging.

In more serious cases, poor oral hygiene can increase your risk of other health problems such as oral cancers, heart diseases, strokes, obesity and stomach ulcers and, although these are rarely caused by lack of dental care, it is still important to minimise the risk and find out how to care for your teeth.

6 Ways to Care for your teeth

Brush Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the most simple and effective ways of caring for the teeth in your everyday routine. Failing to brush your teeth can cause your tooth enamel to break down and gum disease. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and brush your teeth for 2 minutes in the morning and before bed. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush which have been shown to remove plaque better than manual toothbrushes. Ensure that you replace your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every three to four months or when the bristles become irregular. Brushing twice a day is such a simple way of caring for your teeth and you have absolutely no excuse to leave this out of your routine!


Floss is another very important daily addition to your oral self care routine. We all have gone to reach for the floss before bed only to skip straight to brushing because we are too lazy but realistically flossing only takes a minute or two of your time and can make such a difference to your oral hygiene. Using floss helps to remove bacteria, plaque and food from between your teeth which reduces the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay. It is important to ensure that you floss properly as incorrect damage teeth and gums. You can use dental floss, standard floss or floss picks. Gently press the floss between your teeth and glide the floss up and down along the sides of your teeth. Avoid gliding the floss into the gums to prevent bruising and scratching.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is something in people’s self care for teeth routine that is often neglected but it is one of the simplest ways of caring for the teeth. It is an easy way to help prevent gum disease and strengthen the enamel of your teeth. This can also help prevent bad breath. Most mouthwash bottles have instructions for safe and successful use on their label. There are also different types of mouthwash available to combat specific needs such as antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride rinses.

Consider Teeth Whitening

If you want to give you teeth a cosmetic boost, consider trying teeth whitening. EZ Smile’s teeth whitening gel is safe and easy to use in conjunction with your clear aligners and achieves amazingly bright results! If you follow EZ Smile’s advice regarding application and length of teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be pearly white in no time!

Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

Your teeth aren’t the only things that hold bacteria in your mouth. You tongue can also grow and multiply bad bacteria on its surface which need to be removed with a toothbrush. Forgetting to clean your tongue causes bad dental hygiene and increase your risk of cavities. Bad bacteria can also cause bad breath and when they cover your tastebuds, partially mute your tongues ability to taste. Make sure that you brush or scrape your tongue daily.

Straighten Your Teeth with EZ SMILE

EZ SMILE invisible aligners are a cost effective, quick way to get the straight smile you have always wanted and is a great thing to implement into your teeth self care routine. Unlike traditional teeth straightening methods, EZ SMILE does not require consultation in person so you can get the smile you want without having to leave your home. Our teeth straightening process involves wearing a series of aligners for a couple of weeks at a time for approximately 4-8 months until you achieve your dream smile!

Don’t forget to look after your aligners as well! EZ SMILE’s Shine Foam freshens and cleans your aligners with just one pump and is available on the EZ SMILE website.

Practice Oral Self Care with EZ Smile Today

The next time you are biting into an apple or flashing that smile at a camera, we hope you give another thought to how much our teeth do for you and what you can do to improve your level of attention to self care for teeth.

Oral self care is so easy to implement into your life and getting started with EZ SMILE is no exception.

EZ SMILE treatments average from 4-8 months which are so much faster than traditional braces and 70% of the price costing only $2,499 for all aligner sets required. It’s quick, simple and cost effective. What more can you ask for in terms of self care for teeth?!?

All of EZ SMILE’s products are available on our website and while you are there, take our FREE 30 second assessment to find out if EZ SMILE is the answer you have been looking for to the question how to properly care for your teeth.