Why is wearing a retainer so important?

There’s no doubt that most people who have undergone teeth straightening with clear aligners have dealt with the discomfort of squeezing on their retainer after forgetting to wear it for a week or so. Or, more seriously, have neglected to wear it for a long period of time to find that it no longer fits. Their once beautifully straight teeth have begun to move. There’s a reason for this discomfort, and the relapse, and that’s why a retainer is supplied at the end of treatment.

There can be a range of factors that cause the relapse, however, the most significant is that the structures that support your newly aligned or straightened teeth need time to “settle”.  Your teeth will eventually stabilize, but the risk of relapse is always present no matter what type of teeth straightening method you choose…. and EZ SMILE is no different.

After having their teeth straightened many people suffer a “relapse,” a situation that sees the teeth slowly drift back out of alignment following treatment. This is in fact, how EZ SMILE was born. Our founder, like many EZ SMILE customers is using our treatment to correct the relapse from when she had braces and didn’t wear her retainer.

A relapse can be prevented by simply wearing your retainer as directed. Unfortunately many people look in the mirror after their treatment and in the joy and euphoria of their wonderful new smile think that the “retainer” that has been supplied is an “optional” extra, ….however this is not so!

At EZ SMILE we’re with you every step of the way throughout your journey via phone, email and social media, but we can’t be there to remind you to wear your retainer (well, all the time anyway). When you first complete your treatment you will need to wear the retainer full time for the first six weeks then nightly for the next 12 months. You need to understand and accept that you need to wear a retainer a few nights a week – forever – after your treatment. This will help you care and protect your beautiful new smile.

Please don’t forget to wear your retainer!

If you’re an existing EZ SMILE customer you can order a replacement set of retainers for just $149 by emailing us at [email protected]