Mirror mirror…

It’s another morning routine, you’re smiling into the bathroom mirror and you’re dealing with your daily annoyance. Momentarily you face the fact that even though you had orthodontic treatment as a teenager, you never wore your retainer and your teeth have relapsed. Maybe you feel a sense of childhood deprivation that you were never treated by an Orthodontist at all. Either way, even though everyone is always telling you they look fine, those crooked pegs looking back at you in that frosty mirror annoy the hell out of you.

Don’t feel alone, because you’re not, many thousands of people have had traditional braces only to see their expensive perfect grin, some years on, relapse to its previous ickyness.

Ok, we have identified the problem, thing is, what can be done about it??? You could head back to your local orthodontist or even your orthodontically trained GP dentist and if you’re willing and able to part with the appropriate wad of your hard earned cash they’ll have you once again proudly showing off that perfect smile.

This option does however, have its downside, notwithstanding the obvious, the cost. This solution will ultimately involve regular, time consuming appointments and if you decide on traditional treatment, look forward to spending some months, perhaps years in braces. Seems like a walk in the park when you’re fifteen but when you’re a young mum or dad trying to juggle work and kids of your own or you’re a young man or woman trying to build a career and enjoy life, the whole scenario can simply be in the all too hard basket!!!

Not anymore, in case you haven’t noticed the world is on a technology rocket ship and the field of Orthodontics has not been missed by these exciting advances.

Clear Aligner therapy (a series of removable clear plastic trays worn over the teeth) has been a mainstream orthodontic treatment for almost twenty years. Whilst they have their limitations, they are a wonderful alternative to traditional braces for anyone seeking a discreet, low life impact solution for crooked or misaligned teeth. That said, traditionally this treatment option has always required the involvement of your local Orthodontist or Dentist.

That was then, this is now, enter EZ SMILE! As previously noted, we are currently existing in a world that is aboard the technology express, and whilst that fact may irk some of us we can’t stop it. By taking advantage of newly available digital and 3D printing technology EZ SMILE has cleverly reinvented “Clear Aligner Therapy” and the beneficiary is you, and that irritating smile looking back at you in that frosty morning mirror. The service is offered at a fraction of the cost and here’s the game changer, you do it all yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Do it yourself!? Now before you all go into state of shock, know this, whilst EZ SMILE makes no claim to treat cases beyond those requiring minor or cosmetic correction the only difference in the treatment solution being offered is the fact that you do it from home. Our clear aligners are made in the same lab and designed by exactly the same professionals that many Australian dentists and orthodontists use to make clear aligners and treatment plans for their patients. The same tried and tested product – just delivered straight to your door.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, how is this possible? Believe me, it is, and whilst there is no question there is a pioneering aspect to what EZ SMILE is doing, rest assured this will become mainstream very quickly. It’s simple, safe, effective, discreet (most EZ SMILE customers say that people are totally unaware they are wearing them) and in relative terms unbelievably inexpensive, however over and above all this, it puts you in control and gives you back your most valuable resource, your time.

The EZ SMILE express is departing a station near you right now, why not hop on board? You won’t be disappointed and neither will that face in the mirror.