What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Straight Teeth?

If you’re wondering “what is the cheapest way to get straight teeth?” then you aren’t alone. The increasing number of adults in Australia seeking orthodontic treatment is an indicator that as a nation, we just aren’t that happy with our teeth. In fact, according to Orthodontics Australia, 55% of Australians feel self conscious of their teeth, and 62% would like to actually do something to fix their smiles. Whether it be for an important event coming up, or for an overall confidence boost, straightening your smile can do wonders for not only your dental health but also your mental health! Recent technological advancements has meant that there are now more options than ever for straightening your teeth, and while options are great too many can become overwhelming! We all know about traditional metal braces that have been around for years, but what about some of the more modern teeth straightening methods?  Nowadays you’ll most likely have a range of treatment types to choose from ranging from traditional metal braces, to ceramic braces and even clear aligners. All with varying treatment methods and costs, let’s explore them all! In this blog we’ll compare your teeth straightening options and the costs associated with them and finally make an overall recommendation on the most cost effective option.

What’s the cheapest way to get straight teeth?

While it’s important to note that the actual cost of your treatment will depend largely on a number of personal factors, we can use average treatment costs to explore the cheapest way to get straight teeth. For example, someone who opts to receive teeth straightening treatment via metal braces for a severely misaligned bite will likely need to pay a far higher cost than someone who may only have one or two teeth slightly out of place. In saying that, we’re sure you’d still like to understand the cheapest way to get teeth fixed – that’s where we come in! We’ll compare the costs of various teeth straightening treatments in further detail soon, however for mild to moderate cases of misalignment clear aligners are likely to be the most cost effective option (they also have lots of other great benefits discussed later in this blog!). Remember, not all clear aligner companies are created equally with some being far more expensive than others!

What are my options?

We’ve mentioned that there are various options for straightening your teeth – but what are they!? And most importantly, what is the cheapest way to get teeth fixed? Traditional metal braces: Traditional metal braces are perhaps the most commonly associated option when people hear “teeth straightening”. Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets that are placed on the outside of your teeth which use heat-activated arch wires to help your teeth move. Whilst they are noticeable, they give people an opportunity to express themselves with different coloured bands that are changed with each appointment. Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces except they have clear brackets that blend into the teeth as opposed to metal ones. They have the same process as traditional metal braces with orthodontist visits every 4-8 weeks but have the added benefit of being less noticeable. Lingual braces: Lingual braces are the same shape and size as traditional metal braces except they are placed on the inside of the teeth. They can be more uncomfortable and difficult to clean due to their location, however they are invisible from the outside. Clear aligners: Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays that are moulded to your teeth, straightening them by applying gentle pressure to guide your teeth into their final position. They’re exactly as they sound – clear – which makes them an ideal solution for anyone looking to privately undergo teeth straightening treatment. Now that we’ve explored your teeth straightening options, let’s discuss the cheapest way to get straight teeth!

Comparing teeth straightening methods & prices

Now that we’ve presented your teeth straightening options, let’s discuss their costs and ultimately the cheapest way to straighten teeth. Traditional metal braces: Traditional Metal Braces generally cost between $2,000 to $9,000 depending on a number of different factors including the severity of your misalignment, any other dental work required to straighten your smile and any bite issues to name a few. Your treatment cost will likely include orthodontist visits every 4 to 6 weeks and your retainers after treatment – although these are sometimes an additional cost. Ceramic braces: Again, the cost of your ceramic braces treatment will be impacted by various personal factors. In Australia, the cost of ceramic braces generally ranges between $5,000 to $8,500 for standard 18 month treatment and is slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces mostly due to the additional expense in materials. Lingual braces: Lingual braces are the most expensive teeth straightening treatment, costing up to $7500 to treat a single arch or approximately $12,500 for full treatment. They cost more than traditional braces because they are custom made in a dental laboratory to perfectly fit your teeth. The follow up appointments required are longer and more frequent due to the bracket location being placed on the inside of your teeth thus increasing the cost. Clear aligners: There are varying costs attributed to clear aligners, and varying treatment methods which impact these costs. We’re sure you’ve heard of Invisalign which is a clear aligner brand administered in many orthodontic practices. The average cost of Invisalign ranges from $6,000 to $9,000 and this cost will include the multiple orthodontic check up appointments required throughout your treatment. On the other hand, companies like EZ SMILE who offer an at-home teeth straightening treatment are able to drastically reduce the costs by eliminating the need for face-to-face check-ins. For comparison, EZ SMILE costs just $2,499 regardless of the level of your misalignment or crowding issues.

Are clear aligners the cheapest way to get straight teeth?

So, are clear aligners the cheapest way to get straight teeth? The answer is yes, but also no… let us explain! Clear aligners are a great option for anyone looking for a discreet teeth straightening treatment option, and for those looking for the option to remove their teeth straightening device. However, in-office treatments like Invisalign are far from the cheapest teeth straightening option, and in many cases can actually be more expensive than traditional metal braces! On the other hand, some clear aligner companies have effectively decreased costs significantly by offering an at-home model. By completing your clear aligner treatment from the comfort of your own home, all of your aligner sets are delivered directly to you thus eliminating the need for regular in-office check ups. One of these companies is EZ SMILE – Aussie owned and up to 70%^ cheaper and traditional braces! EZ SMILE clear aligners are just $2,499 regardless of the severity of your misalignment or how many sets of aligners you’ll require. EZ SMILE clear aligners are also delivered to you 5 sets at a time to ensure there’s no waiting time for the next set.

Which Clear Aligners Should I Choose?

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get straight teeth and the most discreet option, then clear aligners are for you – specifically at-home clear aligner treatments. But which should you choose?! There are a few key clear aligner companies in Australia that you may have come across, all with varying costs and treatment processes. Perhaps one of the biggest clear aligner brands in Australia is Invisalign, but with relatively high costs this may not be the best option for those looking to straighten their teeth on a budget. On the other hand, there are a number of key at-home clear aligner companies that definitely help to reduce costs, however some are still far cheaper than others. So what is the cheapest option? EZ SMILE of course! EZ SMILE is up 70%^ cheaper than traditional methods, and priced at just $2,499 we’re far more affordable than both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club! When opting for a teeth straightening treatment, it’s not only the costs that you should be mindful of, but also the overall results. As such, a quick Google of Australia’s clear aligner brands will present a plethora of reviews for you to peruse to understand the ins and outs of each treatment from real people!

EZ SMILE Offer the Cheapest Way to Get Straight Teeth

Here at EZ SMILE, not only do we offer the cheapest way to get straight teeth, but we’re also the experts at providing clear aligner solutions that work! EZ SMILE launched in 2017 and was the first direct to consumer teeth straightening company available in the Australian market. EZ SMILE allows customers to achieve the smile of their dreams from home with treatment lengths averaging 4-8 months – much faster than traditional braces! EZ SMILE is an Aussie owned at-home teeth straightening service using high quality, BPA free clear aligners designed for great results. If up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional methods isn’t enough to convince you, our local Australian customer service team are always here to answer any questions you may have. ^Price comparison between treatment with EZ SMILE clear aligners (single payment of $2,499) and $7,000 total cost for an 18 month treatment using traditional orthodontics for a patient with low to moderate crowding. Source: https://orthodonticsaustralia.org.au/how-much-braces-cost/