What to expect from your EZ SMILE journey

What can you expect during your EZ SMILE treatment? Well first of all, congratulations! We are just as excited as you to start getting people on the path to their dream smile. There is lots to look forward to once you have ordered your personalised EZ SMILE Treatment Plan, so we’re going to walk you through them in this article.

As EZ SMILE treatment plans are based off of remotely treating your teeth, that means that there are no face to face visits as you would have to have with a regular dentist – and whilst this makes the whole process very convenient and most importantly much more affordable due to the lack of overhead costs, this can also mean you have some more questions about the overall process.

Which is where this article comes in! We’re going to go over what’s involved in our EZ SMILE clear aligner treatment plans from start to finish, so without further ado let’s dig into it!

I’ve Just Ordered My Aligners, What’s Next?

Once you have sent us your impressions or have been for a scan we make your personalised plan. If you like this pln you place your order and our EZ SMILE clear aligners are delivered straight to your doorstep – no hassle or time consuming visits necessary. So, what’s involved in our EZ SMILE Clear Aligners? Once you have purchased your personalised treatment plan it takes on average 14-21 days for your EZ SMILE clear aligners to be created, packaged up and sent directly to you.

How Can I Prepare Before My EZ SMILE Clear Aligners  Arrive?

Something we always recommend customers to consider before their clear aligners arrive is to book in for a regular teeth clean and check up at the dentist. This is something we recommend as making sure there is no plaque build up or underlying issues with your teeth is key to making sure your clear aligners will first snugly and deliver the best results.

Is it absolutely necessary to have a checkup before you begin your EZ SMILE Treatment Plan? Short answer – no, but we will always advocate that you consider it as we want your journey to your perfect smile to be as smooth as possible.

When Do Each Stage of Aligners Arrive?

Your aligners will be sent to you in stages of 5 usually, however depending on the number of aligners you have this is subject to change. For example, if you have generally straighter teeth and have 8 upper and lower aligners, your first box will contain stages 1-5 and your next and final box will contain stages 6-8 as well as the FREE retainers included in our EZ SMILE Treatment Plans.

If you have more aligners, for example 18 upper and 16 lower, then you will continue receiving your aligners in stages of 5 or sometimes 6 until you reach your final box.

My first box just arrived! Let’s unpack

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a package you’ve been waiting for in the mail? So the first box of clear aligners from your EZ SMILE Treatment Plan has arrived – let’s unbox it together and see what’s involved in your EZ SMILE Clear Aligners very first pack.

Clear Aligners, Your First Stages

Of course, your first five sets of EZ SMILE clear aligners will be inside. As you open the box you will see your aligners individually packaged into upper and lower sets in clear packets. To see which stage of aligners are which, each packet of clear aligners will have a label indicating what stage they are on the top right hand corner. Each aligner also has very small writing on them advising the stage number. Never throw away your old aligners. You may need to go back and wear them incase you break an aligners or don’t retain your teeth properly.

The Chewie (Your Greatest Ally)

Also included inside your box of clear aligners is your chewie. A chewie is a cylindrical piece of plastic that you use to bite down hard on to make sure that your clear aligners fit as snugly to your teeth as possible, and it’s important to use your chewie as often as you can. The chewie allows your teeth to more easily move into the current aligner. We recommend biting on the chewie as often as possible throughout the treatment. Also included are two little ‘removal’ tools that clip over the top of your aligners and help take your aligners off when you pull down.

Your Clear Aligners Case  

It’s super important to take care of your clear aligners when you’re not wearing them, which means whenever  you’re eating at home, a restaurant or even just having your morning coffee. Your clear aligner case is made of hard durable plastic so no matter where you are your aligners are protected and remain clean.

Complimentary 2-in-1 Foaming Cleanser

We truly do want you to have the best possible experience with your personalised EZ SMILE Treatment plan, so we have also included in your first EZ SMILE box our specialised 2-in-1 foaming aligner cleanser! This dual acting shine foam is almost too easy to use, just pump it directly into your aligners and pop them in – this not only refreshes your aligners but cleans them as well so they stay hygienic and almost undetectable.

How to tell when it’s time to move on to the next stage

What can I expect with my EZ SMILE  clear aligners in regard to knowing when it’s time to move on to the next stage? At EZ SMILE, we design our treatment plans so that our clear aligners are meant to be worn for ideally two weeks each. We don’t want people rushing the process too much as this can lead to ill fitting aligners.

That being said, if you have reached day 10 of your current aligners and they have already started to feel loose and like they are not fitting snugly on your teeth, absolutely feel free to take them out and move right on to the next stage.

Something be Aware of with your EZ SMILE Clear Aligners

When you put in your very first set of EZ SMILE aligners, most people experience some tightness and pressure on their teeth ranging from very mild to moderate. This will usually last anywhere from a couple of hours to about a day as your teeth are adjusting to the new pressure from the aligners (people who have had braces previously will remember this fun feeling).

Whilst the feeling can be a little uncomfortable this is absolutely normal and to be expected, and whilst you will most likely experience this tightness the most with your initial set of aligners, it is not uncommon to feel similar pressure on your teeth with each new stage.

I’ve reached my last stage of aligners, What now?

Whoohoo! So, you’ve made it this far (in this article and treatment plan), what now? First things first you’ll need to head back to the box containing your final sets of aligners and double check that you have received your retainers.

What Do My Retainers Look Like?

You will be able to identify your retainers by the label on the packet that reads RETAINER on it. They look very similar to your EZ SMILE clear aligners, however our retainers are made of a slightly thicker material, as clear aligners are only designed to be functional for a few weeks and your retainers will last longer.

What if My Retainer Breaks?

Whilst this is unlikely to happen, some customers who experience things like grinding in their sleep can cause their retainer to break – but not to worry! If this is the case, all you have to do is one of two things: a) contact EZ SMILE immediately by calling or emailing us and we can order some new ones for you, or b) you can simply head onto our website and order yourself some new retainers straight from your dashboard. Too easy!

As your first set of retainers is FREE with your EZ SMILE Treatment, the next replacement retainers cost $149 a set for both upper and lower arches.

P.S. – If a retainer does break please do not wait to order a new one as that could affect your teeth if their retention is interrupted.

How Long Do I Have to Wear My Retainer For?

We ask that everyone wear their retainers full time for as long as you can before gradually reducing wearage back to only having them in at night time. The reason for this is that it takes your teeth and roots a while to really settle into their new configurations in your mouth some longer than others, so if you only wear your retainers sporadically in those first few weeks after your EZ SMILE treatment plan is over  that can lead to relapse undoing the progress you’ve made over the course of your EZ SMILE Treatment Plan and we don’t want that.

So to summarise, please wear your retainers for at least 4 weeks (more if you have had a lot of moving to do in your treatment) full time, so day and night, and then begin to scale down to wearing them only at night time.


Whew, we made it! We hope this article cleared some questions or curiosities up for you. We pride ourselves on making sure our current or future customers are well informed on our process so you can make the most informed decision that is best for you, and we recognise that everyone’s teeth are unique and therefore bring along unique circumstances.

 If you have any further questions regarding EZ SMILE Treatment or are still asking yourself “What can i expect with clear aligners?”, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and Australian based customer service team via email at [email protected], or call us on  1300 936 400.

And last but not least, we absolutely LOVE seeing the amazing before and after results from our customers, so feel free to send us your results for a chance to be featured on our website!