My Aligners Don’t Fit What Should I Do?

If you have reservations about committing to straightening your teeth with EZ SMILE or you are worried that you will put on your EZ SMILE aligners and think My Aligners Don’t Fit What Should I Do? First of all, do not panic. Though uncommon, your aligners not fitting is not the end of your journey to the beautiful smile that you are looking for. You can easily contact EZ SMILE’s customer support team to alert them of the problem of what to do if aligners don’t fit. Do not hesitate as ill-fitting aligners will prevent you from getting the results out of the treatment you want. There are definitely solutions to the problem which will be discussed below.

My Aligners Don’t Fit What Should I Do?

It is important to know the difference between the normal, weird feeling of your new aligner and your Aligners Not Fitting . It is completely understandable to be concerned about the prospect of starting a new stage and thinking My Aligners Don’t Fit What Should I Do? We understand that you want to achieve the best possible outcome and how discomfort can be stressful.

In the different stages of treatment, some aligners will fit more comfortably than others. This depends greatly on which teeth are being moved and how committed to your treatment you have been. If you have not been consistently wearing your aligners, you may be at risk of tooth lag which occurs when your teeth have not adjusted to the point that has been projected by your treatment plan. It is vital to commit to consistently wearing your aligners for the recommended amount of time to achieve the results you want. If tooth lag occurs, contact EZ SMILE and we will ensure it is fixed for you.

How Should Clear Aligners Fit?

Your aligners might click into place on your teeth or they may not. Neither is a sign that you should think My Aligners Don’t Fit, as long as they don’t fall out of place. The aligners are cut to your gum line so most Aligners Should Cover to The Top of Your Teeth, but don’t panic if a bit of pearly white is exposed. You will still achieve the great results you are looking for.

Your Custom Aligners Should Fit Snugly

When you put your aligners on your teeth they might feel tight and snug. This is a good sign as this is the sensation of the aligner putting pressure on your teeth to move them into place and is not necessarily a sign of Aligners Not Fitting. As you continue to wear the aligners, the pressure may lessen and the aligner may become more comfortable or it may remain tight. Both are good signs that your treatment is working and your teeth are adjusting to the smile you desire.

Your Aligners Should Sit Evenly

Your aligners should sit evenly on your teeth. This means that the tips of your teeth should sit evenly inside the aligner. Your molars should also be covered by the aligners, but occasionally aligners will be cut short of the last molar.

Some Space Between Teeth and Clear Aligners is ok

If you see some space between your teeth and the aligners, don’t worry. This is not necessarily a sign of Aligners Not Fitting correctly, as long as your aligners are staying in place. It is likely that this space will disappear as your teeth move into the desired alignment for the stage. If they gap is very large or persists, do not hesitate to contact EZ SMILE’s customer support team.

Why Are My Aligners Not Fitting?

Luckily the term My Aligners Don’t Fit is not heard often at EZ SMILE. It is important to start by saying that aligners not fitting is a very uncommon occurrence if you follow the instructions given to you by EZ SMILE. This is due to our commitment to quality control and giving you the best treatment possible. However, there are a few uncommon circumstances which can lead to your aligners not fitting correctly which are listed below.

Reasons Why My Aligners May Not Fit 

Not adhering to the wearing instructions

The most common cause of ill-fitting aligners is not following EZ Smile’s recommendations regarding wearing your aligners. When you do not consistently commit to wearing your aligners for at least 20 hours a day, your teeth can lag and not keep up with the treatment schedule, so your next aligner stage is more likely to not fit as well.

Imperfections in the impression

In some cases, the impression that you take at home can come back to EZ with slight imperfections, these are almost always picked up by the quality team but in few cases this may be a cause of aligners not fitting. This is very uncommon and if it does happen EZ SMILE will remake at no cost to you.


With any manufacturing sometimes issues arise, though extremely rare they can occur. Luckily the phrase “My Aligners Don’t Fit”  is very uncommon at EZ SMILE as our quality control is thorough and strict, if it does happen we remake at no cost to you. The most important thing to remember is to fully commit to wearing your aligners for 20+ hours a day for around 2 weeks per stage but if you’re thinking What To Do If  Aligners Don’t Fit, please contact EZ Smile!

What To Do if My Aligners Don’t Fit

One way to ensure that your aligners are fitting as well as they can, is to use the chewy that is provided as part of your treatment kit. Chewing on the chewy helps to seat the aligners properly on your teeth, it also works the ligaments in your teeth allowing them to soften and become more susceptible to being adjusted to the desired alignment. The chewy helps the overall straightening process and can help the aligners fit more comfortably. We recommend chewing on the chewy each time you put the aligners back in your mouth, getting into this habit will ensure a smooth transition to each new aligner stage and ensure you are not having to ask yourself What To Do if Aligners Don’t Fit. Using the chewy regularly can also speed up the overall treatment time.

After trying the chewy, the next step in What To Do if Aligners Don’t Fit is to contact EZ SMILE. We 100% guarantee that your aligners will fit and will replace your ill-fitting aligners if needed. However, the best way to prevent yourself from having to think My Aligners Don’t Fit is to fully commit to the recommended treatment. Keep those aligners on for at least 20+ hours a day and wear each stage for around 2 weeks and you will be extremely unlikely to need to ask yourself Why My Aligners Don’t Fit. This will allow you to get the result that you want and avoid the worry of putting on your aligners one day and thinking My Aligners Don’t Fit!

EZ SMILE delivers top quality aligners for a fraction of the cost of traditional teeth straightening methods. EZ SMILE also offers the convenience of shorter treatments with treatments averaging 4-8 months in length and requires no in person consultation.

EZ SMILE’s friendly local Australian based customer support team is always available to address any questions or concerns about treatment. So, don’t let your concern about your Aligners Not Fitting stop you from getting the smile you desire! Take the free 30 second assessment and find out if EZ SMILE is the right treatment for you.