Teeth Straightening Things To Be Aware of

Things To Be Aware of When Wearing Clear Aligners

For most Aussies, wearing clear aligners is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a straighter smile. But there are some totally normal things you may experience during your treatment, so it’s a good idea to be aware of them.

“Is this normal?”

What to expect when you’re wearing EZ SMILE clear aligners.

People are pretty cautious when it comes to protecting their teeth – and understandably so! While using EZ SMILE clear aligners is very safe, we understand you may still feel a little worried if you happen to notice discomfort from time to time during your treatment. The great news is  that in almost all cases it’s completely normal, and simply a sign that your teeth are beginning to straighten. Of course, if you’re ever genuinely concerned please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re always here to help!

6 Things to look out for – and what to do about them

Below are 6 common things you may experience when wearing your EZ SMILE clear aligners, as well as tips to help ease any discomfort they may cause.

Pain or discomfort?

While not everyone is affected in the same way, there may be times when you feel some mild pain or general soreness in your mouth. Not only is this normal, it’s actually an indication that your clear aligners are doing their job! The discomfort itself is caused by your teeth moving into their new position and usually settles down within a few days. That said, if you’re experiencing discomfort there are a few things that might help:

Start at night – New aligners are often a bit uncomfortable, so when you switch to a new set, try putting them in at night first. This way your mouth will have the whole night to get used to them and any discomfort might be completely gone when you wake up.

Rinse with warm salty water – Some people find salty water is great way to help soothe and heal mouth sores. Just add ½ teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water, then rinse the solution in your mouth and spit it out. You can do this every 2 to 3 hours.

Cold is gold – If your mouth is feeling a bit tender, try sucking on an ice cube or even some frozen fruit. Just be sure to remove your aligners before you start! Should you have any swelling, you may even want to consider applying an ice pack in a damp towel for 15 minutes.

Over-the-counter pain relief – just like other aches and pains, it’s fine to use your normal analgesic too.

New aligners don’t seem to fit?

Sometimes it may feel like your new EZ SMILE aligners don’t fit your teeth properly when you switch to a new set. This is because there are small but important differences between each set of new aligners and your current tooth position. To help, we include EZ SMILE Chewies with every set of new aligners. Simply chew on these like a piece of gum, moving them from one side of your mouth to the other to make sure your new aligners are fully seated on your teeth.

Loose teeth? 

It may sound a bit scary. But looseness is another perfectly normal side-effect of moving your teeth into their new positions and is certainly not dangerous. Remember, you WANT your teeth to move! The important thing to know is once your EZ SMILE treatment has finished, any looseness will gradually disappear. The key thing is to keep wearing your retainers as instructed so your new grin stays in place!

Changes to your bite?

During the straightening process, the way your top and bottom teeth fit together will change. This is a necessary part of getting a straighter smile. Your ‘new’ bite should shift to where it’s supposed to be by the end of your treatment, but if you’re worried at any stage, please let us know. Usually the best option is to simply send us a photo, so our lab can check that everything is okay – and let you know.

Dry mouth? 

Sometimes wearing clear aligners all day can make your mouth feel dry. The simple way to combat this is… surprise, surprise… drinking lots of cool water. You can also try applying lip balm. For more serious dryness that just won’t go away, most chemists sell specially-formulated mouthwashes to help with dry mouth.


It’s hard to speak clearly when your mouth is full, right? Well, some people find their aligners give them a bit of a lisp at first, while others don’t think it changes the way they talk at all. If your aligners do affect your speech, fear not. Chances are your mouth will adjust quickly and it will fade in a few days. It’s also worth remembering you’re probably your own toughest critic and there’s a very strong chance no one else will even notice!

If you have any questions or concerns always contact the EZ SMILE team who are here to help you every step of the way!

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