EZ Smile Before & After

Showing Off Your New Smile

So, you’ve made it to the end of your EZ SMILE treatment journey. What better way to celebrate than with some fabulous photos of your new smile!

Epic smile selfies

How to get the perfect shot of your new smile

You’ve done it! Your new smile is no longer just a dream, it’s a fabulous reality – and it probably has you grinning from ear to ear, especially when you look in the mirror 😉

Fact is, the end of your smile journey is a pretty big deal. So why not celebrate by sharing your new smile with your friends and family on social media? Of course, not all selfies are created equal so we’ve put together these simple tips to help you take a truly epic selfie to show off your straight, beautiful new smile to the world!

1. Light up your smile with good lighting.

Great lighting makes for great photos. The best selfie option is to find a spot with plenty of natural. One idea is set up near a window with the light hitting your face (be careful it’s not coming from behind you or that will just create a big shadow!). Another option is to head outside. Overcast skies or somewhere in the shade is usually the best because direct sunlight can cause harsh shadows and squinting.

2. Keep things simple.

You want your smile to be the hero of this shot, right? So find a clutter-free background that won’t distract people! Try to avoid having signs, posters, text or busy shapes in the background. Simpler = better.

3. Be yourself.

Your first ‘new-smile selfie’ is pretty unique moment to show off your personality. Maybe add a few fun accessories? Find a cool (but simple, see point #2) backdrop? Incorporate a splash of your favorite colour? It’s all about being authentic to who you are, so have some fun with it.

4. Make it pop with a simple prop!

Feeling a little shy? Props can help! Cuddle your pet. Sit on your bike. Or even just add your favourite coffee cup. A quirky prop will add an extra burst of visual interest and really help you relax.

5. Whiter & brighter.

Want to take your confidence to a whole new level? EZ SMILE teeth whitening pens will get your teeth looking their whitest white ever! The active ingredient is high quality 18% carbamide peroxide – the same used by dentists and the highest legal grade in Australia. Your teeth will be whiter after about 3-4 applications and go from 2-8 shades whiter.

6. ‘Before’ vs ‘After’.

Posting comparison selfies of your new smile can really dazzle your family and friends! If you intend to do side-by-side before and after shots, be sure to keep the two shots consistent. Try to style your hair a similar way,. Frame the shot the same way. Wear similar clothes and even take it in the same place. Remember you want the focus to be 100% on your beautiful new smile – not a dramatic new backdrop or hairstyle!