Smile Direct Club Cost vs EZ SMILE

If you’re looking into clear aligner treatment options, we’re sure you’ve come across some of the major companies offering this service in Australia! By this time you’ve most likely come across Smile Direct Club and as a result have spent some time Googling “Smile Direct Club cost” along with other similar companies. It’s important to understand that while there are a number of different options in Australia, not all clear aligner companies are created equally. As such, it’s important to do your research into your available options, their cost and overall treatment plan to determine which is best for you. It’s also a great idea to check out reviews of each company to read real customer feedback on their treatment. In this article we’ll compare Smile Direct Club costs with another major clear aligner company EZ SMILE’s costs. We’ll also explore the factors that influence your clear aligner treatment cost and the key differences between Smile Direct Club and EZ SMILE.

Smile Direct Club Cost vs. EZ SMILE

Smile Direct Club and EZ SMILE are both two of Australia’s most popular direct to consumer clear aligner brands. While the overall treatment is similar, there’s a number of key differences between both brands. The first major difference to look for in the two companies is the Smile Direct Club cost vs. the EZ SMILE cost. You will notice quite quickly the difference in prices between the two teeth straightening services. Later in this blog we’ll explore more of the Smile Direct Club price vs. the EZ SMILE price, but there are a few more important differences to also be aware of. Aside from the overall cost, there are differences in the ways that you can pay with the different companies. Smile Direct Club offer 2 ways to pay – one of which is a one time payment, and the other being a monthly instalment payment plan. EZ SMILE on the other hand offer 4 easy ways to pay – a one time payment, and 3 different payment plan options depending on your needs. There are also differences in what is included in your treatments. The Smile Direct Club treatment includes your sets of aligners, a Bright On teeth whitening treatment as well as all shipping included. The EZ SMILE treatment cost includes all of your aligners, Shine Foam to keen your aligners clean and fresh, your first set of retainers designed to keep your teeth in place, plus all shipping is included!

How Much Does Smile Direct Club Cost?

First let’s explore the Smile Direct Club cost. Smile Direct Club has two pricing options: a one-off payment of $3,149, or $135 a month for 24 months on top of a $299 deposit ($3,539 in total). This cost includes your impression kit, all of your clear aligners required during your treatment and the Bright On premium teeth whitening product. All shipping is also included in this cost. When using the up-front payment option for teeth straightening treatment with Smile Direct Club, you’ll also need to purchase your retainers separately for $195.

How Much Does EZ SMILE Cost?

In comparison to Smile Direct Club, EZ SMILE’s clear aligner treatment costs are significantly less! EZ SMILE offer 4 easy ways to pay
  1. A one time payment of $2,499, the most cost effective option.
  2. EZ Instalments of $45 per week for 52 weeks plus a $499 deposit equating to a total cost of $2,839.
  3. Zip Money instalments of $48.06 per week for 52 weeks plus a $25 set up fee and additional $9.95 per month for a total cost of $2,499.
  4. HUMM instalments options of $208.25 per month x 12 months or $104.13 per month x 24 months. The total cost depends on your repayment period and ranges from $2,647 to $2,743 and includes a $60 set up fee and an additional $8 per month.
The cost of the EZ SMILE clear aligner treatment includes your personalised teeth straightening plan, all of your clear aligner sets as well as your first set of retainers designed to keep your teeth in place! The EZ SMILE customer service team are always on hand to help you out with your journey or answer any questions you may have, which is priceless in a pinch! After the first set of retainers included in your EZ SMILE cost, you’ll then need to purchase new sets of retainers for $149 including postage.

Factors that Influence Smile Direct Club Price

While the nature and severity of your misalignment required may influence the teeth straightening options available to you, will it also influence the price? In particular, what factors will influence the Smile Direct Club cost? The thing is, clear aligner treatments are best suited for mild to moderate cases, and aren’t often used in severe misalignment cases. As such, before beginning a teeth straightening treatment with Smile Direct Club for example, you’ll go through a screening process to ensure you can be treated using clear aligners. If approved and you’d like to go ahead with your treatment you’ll need to select either their one time payment or payment plan option which will impact the price. While you have different ways to pay, your treatment will remain the same. As such, the Smile Direct Club cost does not vary depending on how many aligner sets you need or the expected time your treatment will take.

What about EZ SMILE Cost Factors?

We’ve discussed the different factors that influence the Smile Direct Club cost, but what about EZ SMILE? The same is true for EZ SMILE in that the number of aligner sets you require, whether you’re treating your top, bottom or both arches and the expected time of your treatment will not influence the cost of the treatment. The major influence in EZ SMILE costs is that of the chosen payment plan. The cost of the EZ SMILE treatment ranges from $2,499 to $2,839 depending on whether you opt for a one time payment (saving you $600+) or one of their 4 available payment plan options. With the EZ SMILE treatment, to assess your initial suitability you can either choose to book in for a free 3D teeth scan at a scanning partner, or you can purchase an at-home impression kit for $99. With EZ SMILE, if you opt for the at-home impression kit, the cost of this will be deducted should you choose to go ahead with your treatment. There are also 14 scanning partners Australia wide making it slightly more accessible.

The Main Differences Between Smile Direct Club and EZ SMILE

Apart from the Smile Direct Club aligner costs and EZ SMILE costs, the main differences include customer service, local support and scanning centre accessibility. Being similar products, it’s important to research deeper into all of your options to understand which is best for you. A quick read of reviews online is the quickest way to reveal any weaknesses in a service provided. As such, many Smile Direct Club reviews highlight the less than desirable service that some customers have received. In particular, slow delivery times and unhelpful customer service agents are popular complaints making their way online with many customers agreeing. On the other hand, EZ SMILE has a plethora of positive reviews online, see,  relating to speedy delivery times and great, locally based, customer service willing to help. Being an at-home teeth straightening service, for both companies you’ll need to either complete an impression kit or visit a scanning center to help create the initial moulds of your teeth which will be used to build your aligners. Some people may not entirely trust their skills with an at-home impression kit and may prefer to visit a local scanning centre. As such, accessibility of the scanning centres is very important! Smile Direct Club have 7 Smile Shops across Australia with locations in mostly major cities. These are great options for those living in the hustle and bustle of city life, but not a great option for those a little further out from the city centre. EZ SMILE has 14 scanning partners in Australia, both in major cities and other more populated areas. With something as important as teeth straightening, it’s important to do your research. Especially when you’re presented with multiple viable options. Often it comes down to personal preference as you weigh up the pros and cons, however researching others experiences is a great place to start!

Why You Should Choose EZ SMILE

As we’ve mentioned, teeth straightening is a great way to boost your confidence and as such you should place particular care in choosing a treatment plan that’s right for you. At up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional braces, and overall cheaper than Smile Direct Club, EZ SMILE is a great option for those looking to straighten their teeth on a budget – and with 4 ways to pay it’s even easier! It’s clear after learning about ‘Smile Direct Club cost” and the factors that influence “Smile Direct Club Australia Cost,” that EZ SMILE is a clear winner. If you’d like to learn more about EZ SMILE, beyond costs, please get in touch with our smile team at [email protected] OR complete our FREE 30 second assessment to find out if EZ SMILE is right for you.