Invisalign Cost Australia vs EZ SMILE

There are a number of different reasons that someone may consider teeth straightening treatments, and there are also a number of different treatment options – which can sometimes be overwhelming! If you’ve arrived at this article you’re probably researching your options in straightening your teeth with clear aligners, and you’ve come to the right place! We are sure you’ve heard of Invisalign and know that they’re one of the major clear aligner treatment options within Australia, but you’ve probably also found that the Invisalign cost Australia can be quite high and the process long. This has encouraged many people to look to alternate clear aligner treatments for a more cost-effective option and that’s when they’ve discovered EZ SMILE! EZ SMILE is an at-home-based teeth straightening treatment using clear aligners at a cost that’s up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional braces. They are two separate companies, offering a similar service but with differences between them – especially when it comes to costs. In this article we will explore the differences between Invisalign and EZ SMILE, compare the costs associated with each and also the factors that influence the costs. We’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to make an informed decision on the best teeth straightening method for you.

What are the differences between Invisalign and EZ SMILE?

Invisalign and EZ SMILE – they are both clear aligner brands designed to straighten your teeth, but what’s the difference?! As both Invisalign and EZ SMILE both treat misaligned teeth using clear aligners, it would be easy to assume they are very similar. However, there are a number of key differences between each of the companies, particularly in the ways that the treatment is administered. Before we delve into a cost comparison between the two brands, let’s highlight some of the main differences. First and foremost, the Invisalign treatment can be found in most orthodontic practices and as such, your treatment will be completed by an orthodontist at a physical dental office. As with any orthodontic treatment administered in-office, you’ll be required to revisit the dental office for routine checkups throughout the length of your treatment. On the other hand, EZ SMILE is an at-home model designed for completing the entire process from your home with no need to visit the orthodontist – but don’t worry, your entire treatment is still supervised remotely by a dedicated smile manager! The process works by sending your clear aligners direct to you in the mail – but more on this later in this article. There are also differences in the case types applicable to each clear aligner treatment option. Invisalign works to straighten mild, moderate and severe teeth misalignments while also correcting issues with the bite. However, EZ SMILE is best suited to mild to moderate teeth misalignment and does not correct bite issues. One of the greatest things about EZ SMILE is that we will not treat someone who is beyond the treatment parameters – so there is little to lose to see if you are an EZ SMILE candidate!

Invisalign Cost Australia vs EZ SMILE

As we’ve mentioned, cost is one of the more significant differences between Invisalign and EZ SMILE. A quick search of “Invisalign cost Australia” will reveal the relatively high price tag attached to this treatment option. An Invisalign treatment is more expensive than EZ SMILE and will also typically cost more than traditional metal braces. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 and $6,000 for regular braces, while the Invisalign Australia cost varies vastly between $3,500 and $7,000^  – a few thousand dollars more than traditional braces. However, it’s important to remember that the cost of your treatment will be largely influenced by the severity of your misalignment and bite issues. Upon your initial consultation your orthodontist will be able to provide you with a cost guide for your entire treatment. It’s also important to note that you will most likely be charged for your consultation and plan. On the other hand, EZ SMILE costs just $2,499 when paying up front and includes your entire treatment. As such, EZ SMILE clear aligners are up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional braces and a great cost-effective option. As we’ve mentioned, EZ SMILE is only appropriate for mild to moderate misalignment or crowding, and for this reason isn’t suited for everybody. EZ SMILE will not treat someone who is beyond the treatment parameters – so there is little to lose to see if you are an EZ SMILE candidate! While the treatments are similar, the costs associated with Invisalign and EZ SMILE are vastly different. Let’s discuss the costs further and explore the factors that may influence the price of your clear aligner treatment.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost Australia?

So, how much does Invisalign cost Australia? We wish it were a straightforward answer! The cost of your treatment really will depend largely on the level of treatment required, and also how long your treatment will take to complete – we’ll explore this further later. In saying that, there is a rough cost guide of $3,500 to $7,000^ to give you an idea of how much Invisalign costs in Australia. As Invisalign is offered in multiple practices across Australia, the payment methods available will also vary along with the cost itself. If you do need to pay the entire cost of an Invisalign treatment, or if your private health insurance doesn’t cover a significant portion of the treatment, then your orthodontist may be able to offer different payment options depending on their clinic. These options may include payment plans, such as monthly installments over multiple months. You may also be able to claim your Invisalign treatment under your health fund. However, it’s likely that you may only receive $1,000 to $1,500 back thus still making this treatment option the most expensive.

How Much Does EZ SMILE Cost?

One of the greatest things about EZ SMILE is the transparency in pricing- especially when compared to Invisalign. The entire treatment cost of EZ SMILE is just $2,499 when paying up front regardless of the severity of your misalignment and how many aligner sets are required. There are also 4 easy ways to pay
  1. A one time payment of $2,499, the most cost effective option.
  2. EZ Instalments of $45 per week for 52 weeks plus a $499 deposit equating to a total cost of $2,839.
  3. Zip Money instalments of $48.06 per week for 52 weeks plus a $25 set up fee and additional $9.95 per month for a total cost of $2,643.52.
  4. HUMM instalments options of $208.25 per month x 12 months or $104.13 per month x 24 months. The total cost depends on your repayment period and ranges from $2655 to $2,751.12 and includes a $60 set up fee and an additional $8 per month.

Factors That Influence Invisalign Australia Costs

We’ve mentioned that there are a number of key factors that influence the Invisalign Australia cost, and this is the reason for the wide range in pricing – but what are these factors? First and foremost the Invisalign cost Australia is heavily influenced by the severity of your misalignment and the actions required to straighten your teeth. For example, a person with mild misalignment may have a relatively short treatment time thus resulting in a lower treatment cost. On the other hand a person with very severe misalignment and a large bite issue will generally require a longer treatment time which will in turn increase the treatment cost significantly. Another factor influencing the cost of Invisalign treatments is the number of aligners that you will need. Returning to our last example, the person with mild misalignment and a shorter expected treatment time will generally require less sets of aligners in order to straighten their teeth. For this reason a person with severe misalignment or bite issued will require more sets of aligners during their treatment thus increasing costs. Regular dentist office visits are required for routine checkups throughout the duration of your treatment. Even if not much action is taken during your checkup other than collecting your next aligner sets, these appointments can still increase the cost quite significantly!

Why Are EZ SMILE’s Costs Lower Than Invisalign Cost Australia?

It’s true – EZ SMILE offer a far more affordable teeth straightening option when compared to the Invisalign cost Australia – but how do we do it? The low cost of $2,499 for the EZ SMILE treatment can be largely accredited to the at-home model. The EZ SMILE treatment starts by either completing an impression kit at home or by visiting one of the 14 scanning partners Australia wide to create a mould of your teeth to be used to build your 3D custom clear aligner plan. While your progress is monitored throughout your entire treatment and our Aussie smile team are always available to get your answers from our dental professionals, there are no physical dentist visits required (although we recommend that you still attend your routine dental checkups!). Once they’ve been created, your clear aligners are delivered direct to your door 5 sets at a time to ensure you won’t need to wait for the next set. By removing the in-office check ups and delivering your clear aligners direct to you, the cost of the EZ SMILE treatment is significantly decreased.

Why You Should Choose EZ SMILE Over Invisalign

It’s no secret – EZ SMILE is a clear winner when it comes to costs of clear aligner treatments in Australia! Far cheaper than the lowest advertised Invisalign cost, and up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional braces, EZ SMILE is the most cost-effective clear aligner option in the market. The EZ SMILE treatment is made even better with the at-home model – delivering your clear aligners direct to your door, with no orthodontist visits required. Your progress however will be monitored throughout your entire treatment by the team at EZ SMILE to ensure your treatment is moving smoothly and to answer any questions that you may have. By delivering your clear aligners 5 sets at a time, you can move straight onto the next set when it’s time without visiting the orthodontist or even waiting for them to be delivered. Could EZ SMILE be a good fit for you? Take our FREE 30 second assessment to find out. ^Price comparison between treatment with EZ SMILE clear aligners (single payment of $2,499) and $7,000 total cost for an 18 month treatment using traditional orthodontics for a patient with low to moderate crowding. Source: