My Teeth Are Going Crooked Again! What Should I Do?

Nobody wants to experience the moment of panic when you look in the mirror at your recently straightened teeth and you think my teeth are going crooked again! Unfortunately, it is very easy to let your teeth slide back into their crooked alignment after you finishing straightening treatment especially if you neglect your night time retainers. Shifting teeth simply come with the territory of fixing your alignment and it can happen during and after your straightening journey. Luckily for you, clear aligners can be used to not only straighten teeth without the pain of wires and brackets but they can also help to maintain your straight smile after treatment.

Why are my teeth going crooked again?

You may be wondering why it is so common for people to realise my teeth are going crooked again after all the money spent on straightening them. Something you may not know is that teeth have ligaments that attach them to the jaw bone which are like elastics. Changing the alignment of your teeth is only possible in the first place because the ligaments allow the teeth to shift. However, this makes it possible for teeth to move back, especially when there is nothing to hold them in place after treatment. Braces or clear aligners apply consistent pressure to your teeth which secures their alignment throughout treatment but without that pressure your ligaments have a mind of their own. They usually shift back to their crooked alignment because the mouth remembers that alignment even with teeth moving years after braces.

Teeth don’t like change and can also shift there is disruptions in your mouth, like losing a tooth or having one extracted. Tooth decay can also lead to your teeth becoming looser and more susceptible to shifting. As frustrating as it is, teeth can’t be set and forgotten after straightening treatment but luckily there are some easy ways to get your teeth back to the smile you want.

How EZ SMILE Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth

Straightening your teeth with clear aligners involves using a series of aligners to slowly shift your teeth into your desired smile. Each set of aligners makes minor shifts in your teeth until your teeth are in the alignment you want. But treatment does not stop after your last set of aligners. One of the main reasons you look in the mirror and realise my teeth are getting crooked again is because, after treatment, there is nothing to hold your teeth in their new positions. This is the case for all teeth straightening methods whether traditional braces or EZ Smile. EZ Smile provides a set of retainers to be worn for several weeks full time after your treatment is completed and then at night whilst sleeping, this will ensure that your teeth stay in the alignment that your treatment achieved and eliminates the risk of shifting teeth after treatment. After a period of time your teeth will generally settle and ligaments strengthen again meaning your teeth will be less likely to move. It is still necessary to wear retainers at night to ensure they do not move again.

EZ Smile has a thorough assessment process to determine the suitability of every candidate. We will not treat anyone who we will not achieve great results for. After taking our free 30 second assessment online, you take impressions of your teeth at home to send to our experts. Our experts will analyse your impressions, check your suitability and, if we approve you as a candidate, we will create a 3D straightening plan for you. If you are happy with your treatment plan, your aligners will then be manufactured and sent to you.

How to Stop Shifting Teeth

When you think about it, the whole process of straightening teeth involves the controlled shifting and moving them around so there may be slight shifts in your teeth as your teeth settle into their new alignment without the consistent pressure of clear aligners. This can occur even for the most diligent retainer wearers. The best thing you can do to prevent any major shifts in your teeth is to consistently wear your night time retainer after treatment. EZ Smile’s straightening journey takes only 4-8 months but you will want to be wearing your night time retainer consistently after treatment. Your first retainer is included as a part of your treatment but if your dog finds it on your bedside table or you have forgotten to wear your retainer for a few weeks and it does not fit, replacements cost only $149. Our EZ Smile customer support team is always happy to help so contact them if you are having trouble with your night time retainer. The last thing we want is for you to realise post treatment that my teeth are getting crooked again so make sure you stick to EZ Smile’s recommendations. EZ Smile also recommends to not throw away your old aligners as you can always go back and wear them again to bring your teeth back to be straight if you do forget to wear your retainers at night

Another way to ensure your teeth remain straight and healthy is by consistently upholding basic oral hygiene practices and preventing any tooth decay. This will ensure that your teeth are not unnecessarily becoming loose in your gums which can lead to the dismay that comes with the thought my teeth are going crooked again.

How fast can your teeth move after braces?

You may be wondering how fast can your teeth move after braces or straightening treatment? The answer to your question is that it all depends on you wearing your retainer.

The first few months after treatment are the most crucial in terms of ensuring that they do not shift back into a crooked alignment. This is because your teeth are still adjusting to their new positions and the ligaments are still stretched. Even a week after not wearing a retainer can cause your teeth to shift slightly out of place during this period so make sure you are committing to wearing it every night if you don’t want to go back to your treatment provider and say my teeth are going crooked again!

However, the reality is that it is possible to see teeth moving years after braces and this can be due to other factors listed above.

How to fix shifted teeth after braces

After all the time, money and comfort you sacrifice for straight teeth, it can be devastating to see your teeth go back to the crooked alignment you tried so hard to fix with your braces. If your teeth have only shifted slightly so that your retainer is a bit off but still fits you got lucky! Make sure to stick it out with that retainer and commit to wearing it every single night. If you notice drastic changes in your alignment or your retainer does not fit at all, you may need to consider doing another treatment. Clear aligners are a great way to fix any relapses after braces as they can adjust your teeth quickly and with much less hassle. If you were wondering how to fix shifted teeth after braces, take the EZ Smile 30 second assessment and let’s see what we can do to help you get back your dream smile.

Straighten your teeth with EZ Smile

Teeth straightening journeys involve money, time and some discomfort so it is not worth giving up all of that to be left thinking my teeth are going crooked again.

EZ Smile’s clear aligners provide an easy way to fix and maintain great tooth alignment for a fraction of the cost of other treatments. We also offer you a 3D preview of your teeth plan before committing to the treatment so you know that you will get the best results possible before you even begin with your aligners.

Don’t put up with those crooked teeth anymore! Start your EZ Smile journey today with our free 30 second assessment!