Can You Get Invisible Aligners with Missing Teeth?

Invisible aligners are a wonder of modern technology, giving people across the globe the opportunity to build self-confidence and fix poor teeth alignment without the intrusiveness that traditional metal braces bring. As such, it’s no wonder that invisible aligners have grown rapidly in popularity over the recent years.

However, you may be asking yourself, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, and whether or not aligners with a missing tooth work as intended.

While some people believe that invisible aligners will not work for those with missing teeth, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is, a patient CAN have missing teeth anywhere in their mouth, and still experience significant benefit from invisible aligners. It all comes down to how many teeth are missing, and the results that you wish to achieve with clear aligners.

Depending on the location of the missing tooth, your dentist may decide to first put a replacement tooth or implant in the open spot, before starting invisible aligner treatment, however, this is not always necessary.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, the answer is yes! Don’t let some missing teeth prevent you from restoring confidence in your smile; there’s a solution for everybody.

Continue reading on to learn more about how aligners with missing teeth work!

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Invisible aligners are specifically designed to provide an easy and effective way of shifting and repositioning teeth. These aligners are custom-made based on your own personal mouth composition and structure, so that your teeth move where they need to. The aligners are based on an impression of your teeth so that they fit perfectly, and a series of different aligners are used throughout the process to steadily move your teeth into the desired positions at the right time. Can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth? You sure can!

Invisible Aligners with Missing Teeth

When it comes to “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, the process works similarly to how it would if all teeth were present. Many dentists will recommend that you have a replacement implant tooth in your gap between teeth before commencing invisible aligners treatment. While not natural, it looks and feels like the real deal. This is done so that the aligners can work as intended and not be impeded by the missing tooth gap.

On the contrary, invisible aligners can also be used to make room for a replacement tooth to be implanted. If not acted on early, your remaining teeth will begin to shift into the gap left by the missing tooth, making it harder for invisible aligners to work as intended. While invisible aligners are well known for straightening crooked teeth, they’re also perfect for making small movements for moving shifted teeth back into place so that there’s room for a replacement.

Thus, in some cases, invisible aligners are used before an implant is done to clear a path for the implant.

Can You Use Aligners with Missing Teeth?

In saying this, it is not always necessary to have an implant replacement tooth for invisible aligners to work effectively.

In fact, in some cases, missing teeth may leave even more space for the aligners to work as intended.

According to Hugh Flax, an Implant Dentist in America, “…the missing tooth space can often give us flexibility to realign teeth and relieve crowding”.

So, there you have it! When considering “can you get aligners with missing teeth?”, you may find it helps the procedure and provides more options for developing the perfect smile. If you’re suffering from crowding and spacing issues with your teeth or mild to moderate alignment issues, invisible aligners are the ideal solution to help you get back on track and re-gain confidence in your smile!

When Aligners May Not Be the Right Fit

There are instances of missing teeth where clear aligners may not be appropriate and alternative orthodontic measures may need to be in place. Clear and invisible aligners are designed to make small, gradual movements of teeth and cannot necessarily make large movements to fill gaps. For more dramatic changes with missing teeth, braces may be more appropriate.

For one missing tooth, clear aligners will almost always be the right choice. However, for multiple missing teeth, it can be hard to place invisible aligners and there can be a few issues with treatment. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for clear aligners, take our 30 second assessment to get your answer right away!

Why You Should Get Invisible Aligners with a Missing Tooth

If you’re suffering from crowding and spacing issues with your teeth or mild gaps in your teeth, invisible aligners can help.

For those with crooked teeth, invisible aligners can straighten them out. This will reduce the risk of gum disease, as straight teeth are easier to clean and reduce the gaps that bacteria can grow in. Straight teeth also work to align the jaw, easing ache and discomfort.

If you’ve been wondering, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, you’ve probably considered using braces too. However, there are a number of benefits to using invisible aligners instead of braces, when appropriate.

When considering why to use invisible aligners over braces, it is important to note the following benefits of invisible aligners:

1. They’re more comfortable

Traditional metal braces have sharp edges that dig and cut into your lips and cheeks, leaving sores that are difficult to heal. However, removable invisible aligners are custom-made for your teeth and are made with smooth edges, removing the possibility of metal digging into your mouth.

2. A more flexible solution

Once braces have been screwed in, they’re little things that would cause your dentist to remove them. However, invisible aligners can be removed, and the schedule of your treatment can be adapted to the current situation.

During your treatment, you will receive a set of invisible aligners that slowly adjust your teeth until each tooth is set in its proper place. Each of these movements is timed by your dental professional to be the most comfortable sequence possible. Invisible aligners give you options.

3. Allows for better dental hygiene

With traditional braces, bits of food and plaque can get stuck in and around the brackets, which can become difficult to clean properly. This can lead to gum disease and decay.

With invisible aligners, you can remove the aligners and continue your normal dental routine; flossing, brushing and all. You can also brush and clean the inside of the aligners to prevent bacteria from building up.

4. Boosts self-confidence

Have you been wondering, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?” Not only can you get invisible aligners, but a dental implant will also give your mouth the appearance of a complete set of teeth, and better yet, no one will even know you have them on!

In contrast, braces are more likely to be noticed by others due to the metal used in the treatment. Using an invisible aligner will boost your confidence as well as your dental health, even during the treatment process, not just after!

5. Eat any food and drink you like!

With traditional braces, you are limited in the foods you can eat or drink, but with invisible aligners, you can eat and food or drink you wish. Braces can be damaged by certain foods, whereas invisible aligners can be removed while you eat.

After you’ve finished eating, you should consider brushing your teeth or rinsing with water to avoid any food particles getting stuck between your teeth and aligner.

Invisible Aligners with EZSMILE

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