Clear Aligners
Sunshine Coast

  • Up to 70%^ less than traditional braces
  • No ongoing dental visits required
  • Delivered directly straight to your door front
  • Australian owned with local customer support

Teeth Straightening Sunshine Coast

Looking for the best clear aligner treatment on the Sunshine Coast? You’ve found us. EZ SMILE are the Sunshine Coast’s leading provider of clear aligners and teeth straightening at-home kits for you to finally acquire the smile you’ve been yearning for.

We weren’t all blessed with perfectly straight teeth. Fortunately, everyone has the chance to have a winning smile with EZ SMILE’s teeth-straightening clear aligners. At EZ SMILE, we provide those on the Sunshine Coast with transparent, easy, near-invisible custom-created aligners that work to gently shift teeth into a natural, radiant smile.

Custom-designed from BPA-free plastic, EZ SMILE is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an affordable, comfortable and clear alternative to braces. Where conventional orthodontic treatment consists of wearing large, indiscreet apparatus, EZ SMILE’s Sunshine Coast clear aligners treatment is virtually invisible and will provide results in just a matter of months.

Scanning Locations
in Sunshine Coast

Every teeth straightening treatment on the Sunshine Coast will commence with an 3D teeth scan. We can’t create and design your clear aligners without a comprehensive starting point. You can either order an at-home impression kit, or you can visit one of our many EZ SMILE scanning centres across Queensland. Our Sunshine Coast scanning locations include:


No centre near you? You can purchase an impression kit and complete the whole process from your home.
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How it works

Step 1

We’ll assess your smile
Straightening your teeth on the Sunshine Coast has never been so easy! First, we’ll get started with a full initial mouth and teeth scan, either at one of the EZ SMILE scan centres on the Sunshine Coast or through an at-home impression kit. Once we’ve got a mould of your starting point, we’ll get to work on detailing your custom 3D printed clear aligners.

Step 2

See your new smile
Next, you’ll receive your clear aligners that have been custom designed for your teeth straightening Sunshine Coast treatment. Designed by our EZ SMILE lab team, you will be provided with each set for your treatment up front. Start with the first aligners, and after every two weeks, make your way onto the next set. The aligners are practically invisible; you’ll be able to keep living your life while straightening your teeth!

Step 3

Straighten your teeth with clear aligners
Time to maintain that lovely smile! Once you’ve concluded your teeth straightening treatment on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll need to retain the work that your clear aligners have achieved by wearing a mouth retainer at night. Wearing a retainer is crucial to retaining your new teeth alignment. Your first retainer will be included with your clear aligners, and then you can purchase your next ones through EZ SMILE.

Sunshine Coast
Clear Aligners FAQs

  • Which is Better, Braces or Aligners?

    We may be biased; however, we strongly maintain that aligners are the better option for modern-day conveniences on the Sunshine Coast. Braces are excellent orthodontic tools that offer extensive treatment for teeth and mouth issues. However, if you solely want to straighten up your smile, clear aligners are, in our opinion, your best option.

    There are a number of benefits that come with clear aligners that make them more appealing than braces. For starters, EZ SMILE’s clear aligners are up to 70%^ more affordable than the average traditional braces treatment. Secondly, the required duration of EZ SMILE clear aligners treatment on the Sunshine Coast is significantly shorter than braces. On average, treatment duration for braces is around two years. Our clear aligners will provide you with a straight set of teeth in under 12 months.

    The more significant advantage of aligners; however, has to be the fact that anyone can use clear aligners and straighten their teeth, without having to wear intense braces apparatus. Our clear teeth aligners on the Sunshine Coast are practically invisible, so you don’t have to agonise over the visuals and inconveniences of traditional braces equipment.

  • How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost on the Sunshine Coast?

    Let’s get down to business: how much does clear aligner treatment on the Sunshine Coast cost? That’s easy. At EZ SMILEs, you can have clear aligners for just $2,499.

    EZ SMILE’s costs of teeth straightening on the Sunshine Coast are up to 70%^ cheaper than conventional braces. What’s more, EZ SMILE offer several different payment plans to suit various budgets and lifestyles.

    The cost of EZ SMILE’s clear aligner treatment on the Sunshine Coast are inclusive of all aligner sets including your first set of retainers and ongoing support from the team at EZ SMILE. We believe in offering accessible, affordable, reliable and comfortable teeth straightening treatments on the Sunshine Coast without excessive fees. Where traditional orthodontic braces can often be expensive, painful, and require longer treatment times, EZ SMILE offers the perfect solution to teeth alignment, at an accessible, convenient and affordable cost.

  • Can You Eat with Clear Aligners?

    You won’t need to make any drastic diet changes when using our clear aligners. However, you cannot eat while you have your clear aligner in place. Always take your aligners out to eat and drink anything that is not plain water. Please do not eat anything while your EZ SMILE aligners are on – this will damage the plastic and prevent your aligners from working properly. Simply remove the aligners, keep them somewhere safe – like your aligner case – while you’re eating, and put them back in place once you’ve cleaned your teeth.

    Brushing your teeth after every meal or drink is an important measure to protect your teeth during clear aligner treatments. Cleaning your teeth before putting your aligners back in will prevent discolouration and tooth decay. If you don’t have immediate access to your toothbrush or clean water, keep some sugar free gum on hand to remove food particles, bacteria and acid from your teeth before putting your EZ SMILE aligners back in place.

  • How Do Clear Aligners Work?

    EZ SMILE’s clear aligners gradually and gently move your teeth while you continue getting on with your life. Almost entirely invisible, the transparent design of each set of aligners means that you can easily wear, clean and maintain your teeth aligners without worrying about the appearance of the treatment.

    EZ SMILE’s clear aligners gently and progressively move your teeth with each new set. Virtually invisible, our teeth straightening aligners are BPA-free plastic moulds that sit on your teeth and work to gradually adjust the teeth while you continue to smile with confidence.

    Every two weeks, you’ll start with a new set of aligners to tackle a new set of movements for your teeth. Depending on the current positioning of your teeth, the aligners will work to make a variety of small movements. Depending on the customer, each teeth straightening treatment on the Sunshine Coast duration will vary; the average time required for our clear aligners being around six months. How swiftly clear aligners work will largely depend on the alignment issues faced and how many hours of the day that the customer is wearing them. EZ SMILE strongly recommend wearing the clear aligners for at least 20 hours each day.

    The best part of EZ SMILE’s clear aligners treatment on the Sunshine Coast is that the process is astonishingly discreet. Forget uncomfortable and conspicuous braces apparatus – our clear aligners are almost completely undetectable. Believe it or not, most people won’t even realise that you’re undergoing teeth straightening, as the aligners are almost invisible!

  • Do Home Teeth Straightening Kits Work?

    Yes! The EZ SMILE home teeth straightening kits have proven to be very effective. If you adhere to your treatment plan and wear your clear aligners for 20 hours per day, you’ll notice your smile becoming straighter within a matter of weeks!

    EZ SMILE’s clear aligners won’t be applicable for everyone on the Sunshine Coast. That’s why we start with a quick assessment to understand the problems you face with your teeth and what you wish to achieve with clear aligners. Once you’ve been approved for your clear aligner treatment on the Sunshine Coast, we’re confident you’ll see great results.

    If you feel the end result does not match the 3D plan, provided you have uploaded midway check photos to your dashboard as well as uploaded final photos within 2 weeks of completing the treatment, EZ SMILE offer extra aligners free of charge to ensure each patient receives the results they have invested in. If you’ve purchased a treatment plan from EZ SMILE and are not 100% satisfied that the product is working as described, simply contact us within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

    Our home teeth straightening kits work by using gentle movements with BPA-free plastic moulds. Rather than trying to adjust your whole smile at once, these small, gentle movements work to gradually align teeth. Before you know it, you’ll be donning a perfectly straight smile!

  • Do Clear Aligners Hurt?

    When you first insert your clear aligners, there may be some initial discomfort as you adapt to wearing each new set of teeth aligners. As your mouth becomes more accustomed to your clear aligners, they will gradually become more comfortable.

    However, experiencing mild discomfort or sore teeth during the course of your EZ SMILE clear aligners treatment is not abnormal. A little bit of soreness every now and then is a sign that your aligners are working to make those gradual movements. The aligners are gently moving your teeth to align your brand-new smile. For most of our Sunshine Coast customers, discomfort is mild and will typically subside within a few days of switching to a new clear aligner set.

  • Can Clear Aligners Sunshine Coast Fix an Overbite?

    Unfortunately, EZ SMILE’s invisible braces Maroochydore treatment does not work to directly fix an overbite or underbite. For minor bite issues, there may be some incidental alteration that comes with aligning your teeth with EZ SMILE clear aligners. However, if you are suffering from a large bite issue, you should seek alternative orthodontic advice and treatment. EZ SMILE has a number of partner dentists whom they can recommend to assist you with treatment.

  • Why Choose EZ SMILE for Teeth Straightening Sunshine Coast?

    Invisible braces Maroochydore and clear aligning treatment with EZ SMILE on the Sunshine Coast is the best solution for someone who wants to tidy up their smile but does not want to wear braces.

    Our clear aligners on the Sunshine Coast are custom-designed with BPA-free plastic, and 3D printed from your initial moulds. Whether you come into one of our EZ SMILE scan centres across the Sunshine Coast or you’ve provided us with an at-home impression, we’ll make sure that your straightening treatment plan is absolutely tailored to provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted.

    And the difference between EZ SMILE and our competitors? At EZ SMILE, we’re committed to making a beautiful smile, more affordable. We don’t skip corners, and we always prioritise quality service. We have 5 star rated local Aussie customer service, (not international call centres) and very fast delivery times, usually inside 3 weeks from the order of the Clear Aligners. However, we’re also passionate about helping others attain the smile they’ve always yearned of, without blowing the budget. We’re here to make a beautiful smile more affordable, more convenient, more accessible, and just plain easy.