EZ SMILE vs Braces

If you have ever thought about straightening your teeth and want to know your options, here’s a quick comparison between EZ SMILE and braces.


Clear, virtually invisible, removable.


Usually silver (metal) and irremovable.
Wear a minimum of hours per day for an average of 6 months.
Wear 24/7 for approx. 12-18 months (for similar movement)
Simple brushing and flossing of your teeth and brushing the aligners.
Brushing the brackets and wires regularly while brushing teeth. Use water pick.
No follow up visits.
Just your usual dental appointments
Monthly follow up visits
On-going retainer worn a few nights a week
On-going retainer worn a few nights a week
·        Invisible
·        Removable
·        Food doesn’t get caught
·        No problems eating
·        No pain or discomfort from wires
·        More effective for complex teeth straightening
·        You’re not tempted to leave them out
·        Some discomfort from teeth movement.
·        Must take out aligners before eating and drinking.
         (Water is ok)
·        Might have pain, sores or discomfort from the wires.
·        Might have tooth discolouration or breakage.
·        May have problems eating sticky or hard food like                        apples.
$4000 – $12000 depending on complexity.