Can Invisible Aligners Fix a Snaggle Tooth?

The availability of clear braces has opened up endless possibilities in teeth straightening treatment. So much so that complaints that were once only treatable with fixed braces are now manageable with more aesthetically pleasing clear or invisible aligners. But can invisible aligners fix a snaggle tooth? It seems too good to be true!

At EZ SMILE, we aim to make the process of straightening your teeth as straightforward as possible, so in this article, we’ll outline how clear aligners work and if they’re a good option for correcting problems relating to just a single tooth.

What Is a Snaggle Tooth?

A snaggle tooth refers to a single tooth that is crooked, twisted, pushed forward or even behind the rest of the teeth. A minor misalignment, a snaggle tooth is merely a single tooth that is not aligned with the rest of the front teeth. As this single tooth is generally not a huge issue structurally, it often goes untreated.

However, those with a snaggle tooth or misaligned front tooth may experience aesthetic insecurities around their smile. Whether it be crooked, broken or slightly misaligned, a snaggle tooth will rarely cause serious oral hygiene concerns, but it may be something that you’re slightly embarrassed about.

The beauty of modern orthodontics and dentistry is that there are a number of ways that you can improve, enhance and change your smile – particularly if you’re unhappy with a single tooth or misalignment. The presence of a snaggle tooth is generally an indication that teeth are crowded, which is relatively simple to fix with a few solutions to choose from.

So, can clear aligners fix a snaggle tooth? Almost certainly. If you have an issue with a snaggle tooth, read on to discover how clear aligners may just be the solution you’re looking for.

How Do Clear Aligners Work for a Single Tooth?

Clear aligners are a technology used to straighten teeth that is far less invasive than traditional fixed metal wire braces and are far more discrete and convenient, especially for adult patients. Clear aligners are made from a transparent plastic material that is custom made to fit your teeth. At EZ Smile, our treatment plans typically last for 4-8 months. With consistent wear for at least 22 hours a day, the invisible braces will exert pressure onto the teeth to move them into the desired position throughout the prescribed treatment.

Improved aesthetics aren’t the only consideration when it comes to teeth straightening treatment, there are some issues better treated with other modalities such as fixed braces, or even surgery. When considering, “Can clear aligners fix a single tooth?”, it’s important to remember that the best method of dental correction for you depends on the severity of your concern and how well the rest of your teeth are aligned.

A series of aligner trays are created for each patient and the desired alignment will be achieved as you progress through your custom-made series of plates. Every couple of weeks, you’ll switch to a new set of aligners so that your teeth have a chance to adjust and settle into their new positions.

Other than the benefit of being undetectable, clear braces have the advantage of being removable, which make life a lot easier when it comes to eating and cleaning. Many adult patients are far more comfortable with clear aligners, as they’re able to achieve the dental corrections they desire without the need for embarrassing fixed braces.

Can Invisible Aligners Fix a Snaggle Tooth?

Yes, invisible aligners can most definitely fix a snaggle tooth! Clear aligners are designed to help with small misalignments. A snaggle tooth is merely an irregular, odd-shaped or projecting tooth – something that can almost certainly be fixed with the small, gradual movements offered by clear aligners like EZ SMILE.

Clear aligners are a great option for anyone looking to take advantage of a simple, convenient, affordable, and discrete way of correcting their smile. Depending on the severity of your crowding, EZ SMILE offers effective teeth straightening with a series of personalised aligners that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

When Clear Aligners May Not Be Appropriate

Clear aligners are a fantastic teeth straightening method that can be used to treat a wide range of concerns. However, there are instances where you may be experiencing more severe crowding or misalignment, and clear aligners may not be the most appropriate treatment. This includes:

1. Severe Bite Issues

Whether you suffer from an extreme overbite or underbite, treating major bite issues may require longer, stronger, and more structural treatment methods like metal braces, rather than clear aligners.

The hinged joints that connect your jaw to your skull near your ears are called the TMJ (Temporomandibular joints). These joints can easily become irritated and incredibly painful when your teeth aren’t aligned as they should be. Constant strain can cause a clicking jaw resulting in pain, dizziness, earaches, ringing in the ears and penetrating headaches. If you’re suffering from severe bite issues, clear aligners may not be the right fit.

2. Multiple Teeth Missing

There are instances of missing teeth where clear aligners may not be appropriate and alternative orthodontic measures may need to be in place. Clear and invisible aligners are designed to make small, gradual movements of teeth and cannot necessarily make large movements to fill gaps where you’re missing multiple teeth.

However, when it comes to considering clear aligners for one tooth, the odds are in your favour. As mentioned above, if you have a snaggle tooth, it is likely going to be an easy fix; one that can be mediated with the gradual, small movements provided by clear aligners.

Straighten Your Teeth with EZ SMILE

If you’re still not sure if clear aligners are going to provide the right treatment for your snaggle tooth, take our 30 second candidate assessment. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, clear aligners are almost certainly going to get your front teeth straight and provide the smile you’ve always wanted.

At EZ SMILE, we’re proud to offer high-quality treatment plans at an affordable price point across Australia and New Zealand. At just a fraction of the cost of traditional braces, our treatment plans usually last between 4 – 8 months and start at just $2499.

Our top priority is to deliver our customers high quality, effective clear braces with little to no inconvenience. Straightening your teeth will have a marked effect on your oral health and overall self-esteem, so what are you waiting for? Start the journey to getting the smile of your dreams with EZ SMILE.