Can I Get Clear Aligners for Top Teeth Only?

If you want clear aligners for top teeth only, you need to first understand how clear aligners work. Clear aligners allow teeth straightening through a series of clear plastic moulds that take the shape of your teeth. By progressively changing the shape of the aligner, your teeth will change their alignment, leaving them in the desired position by the end of your treatment so that you can have a smile to be proud of. Most people wear clear aligners on both the bottom and top teeth as this provides the optimum realignment for your mouth. But can you get clear aligners for only upper teeth?

Can You Wear Clear Aligners for Top Teeth Only?

In short, it is definitely possible to get clear aligners for only your upper teeth, but it does depend on your circumstances and EZ SMILE does not advise this for everyone.

Treatment with only one set of clear aligners on the upper or lower teeth is known as ‘single arch treatment’. Single arch treatment can come with risks to your bite (explained more below) so not everyone can qualify for it. Your dentist or clear aligner provider evaluates how appropriate single arch treatment will be on a case-by-case basis and will consider multiple factors including how your teeth bite, your jaw structure and more. Usually, single arch treatment is only used to solve a specific, individual problem and not just to save you from wearing two sets of aligners, upper teeth and lower teeth. Single arch treatment often achieves suboptimal results because only moving one arch limits the amount of correction that is possible.

In most cases, aligners for both sets of teeth will be provided due to the risks that single arch treatment has on your bite. When only one set of teeth is moved, the alignment process is restricted by the position of the other row of teeth. This means that the teeth can’t be moved as far as necessary in some cases. For this reason, it is advisable to have both sets of teeth moving at the same time so that one row can be moved out of the way while the other is fit into place.

It is also necessary to maintain a stable bite, which means that the mouth should be able to close when you bite down, and this shouldn’t be interrupted by clashing teeth. Often the position of both sets of teeth need to be adjusted to allow for a stable bite at the end of the process.

When Should I Wear Clear Aligners for Top Teeth Only?

It is important to consider that clear aligners for top teeth only will work for just a few people with specific circumstances. For teeth that have complex alignment and require major readjustment, the best treatment option may not be clear aligners or single arch treatment. The use of clear aligners is recommended for people who require minor cosmetic changes or alignment fixes. Single arch treatment should only be used in situations where the necessary realignment is for minor cosmetic changes to the one row of teeth. Your treatment plan also has to indicate that only using one aligner will not interfere with the bite as mentioned above. Assuming that your bite allows for single arch treatment, you should only consider clear aligners for top teeth only if you wish to correct minor spacing or gaps, slightly crooked front teeth, a tooth tipped out of alignment or a relapse after previous orthodontic therapy.

Any other corrections for your teeth will require the use of aligners on both sets of teeth.

Are There Any Downsides to Top Teeth Only Clear Aligners?

There are a few risks to having clear aligners on just your upper teeth which is why it is not recommended for everybody. If you only move or straighten your top teeth, you may risk your biting relationship (occlusion) between your top and lower teeth being misaligned because they did not straighten together. The occlusion is very precise and even minor adjustments to your bite can cause issues. Your bite could become unstable and even disrupt and cause uneven wear on the bottom teeth. From a purely cosmetic perspective, you also may find that only shifting the alignment of your top teeth can create a slight visual misalignment between your top and lower jaw.

EZ Smile would never use single arch treatment if your plan was to indicate that there would be possible bite and, as a rule to ensure the best results for you, we recommend getting a set of clear aligners, upper teeth and lower teeth.

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of clear aligners varies greatly depending on multiple factors and having clear aligners for top teeth only is one of those factors. Clear aligners vary greatly in price as there are a variety of companies on the market. EZ Smile offer full treatments, including top and bottom aligners, for only $2499 which is a fraction of the price of many other clear aligner companies. This price not only covers both the top and bottom aligners but also the process of scanning your teeth or impressions, creating your treatment plan, postage and support from the EZ Smile team. This is why the cost of single arch treatment is $1875, which is not significantly less than having both aligners.

There are multiple other factors which contribute to the price of clear aligners. One of the most influential factors in determining the price of treatment with clear aligners is the involvement of an orthodontist and their fees. Some companies, including Invisalign, require an orthodontist to prescribe and administer straightening treatment with clear aligners which means you are not only paying for the aligners, but also orthodontic fees. This will make the overall price much more expensive than a company like EZ Smile who does not require an orthodontist to see you for costly monthly visits.

Although the cost of treatment is necessary to consider, it is also important to consider what the best treatment is for your teeth and which route will give you the best results. It is not worth jeopardising your results by trying to cut corners financially.

How to Care for Your Clear Aligners

Regardless of whether you get clear aligners for both your top and bottom teeth or just the single arch treatment, taking proper care of your aligners is essential for your dental health and to preserve their lifespan.

The most important way to care for your aligners is by keeping them clean. This means regularly flossing and brushing your teeth after you eat and before you put your aligners back on. It also means keeping the aligners themselves clean by brushing and washing them. This will prevent any bacteria from developing and causing any bad odours.

Creating an oral care routine will allow you to easily maintain the cleanliness of your aligners allowing them to last well and perform at their best. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two aligners to maintain, it is quick and easy to keep them well looked after.

The Best Way to Straighten Teeth in Australia

So, there you have it! All the answers you need to the question can you get clear aligners for only upper teeth? Overall, EZ Smile definitely recommends that you treat both your upper and lower teeth with clear aligners to ensure optimal results for you!

EZ Smile offers high quality, flexible treatment plans for anyone looking to achieve their dream smile, for a fraction of the cost of other clear aligner companies!

If you are interested in teeth straightening treatment with EZ Smile, take our FREE 30 Second Assessment on our website to see if clear aligners are right for you.