What Type of Braces should I Get?

The first question that most people encounter when they consider getting their teeth straightened is; what type of braces should I get? The teeth straightening market contains a large variety of braces and aligners, so it makes sense to feel a bit overwhelmed or confused. But what is the difference and why does one cost more than another? This article will outline some of the options available and will break down the pros and cons of each option, allowing you to choose the right teeth straightening treatment for your needs.

The Different Types of Braces Available

Before answering the question, what type of braces should I get, it is important to be informed about the options available to you. It can be confusing to differentiate between the available teeth straightening options and choosing which teeth braces are best for you, so let’s discover a few of the most popular choices.

Traditional Braces

When people think about teeth straightening treatments, most people will picture traditional metal braces. Traditional braces involve having metal brackets glued to your teeth and wires threaded through the brackets. These wires are changed periodically during the treatment and gradually get thicker to pull the teeth into the correct alignment. Sometimes braces involve the use of elastics to fix your bite as well.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are very similar to traditional metal braces. Like traditional braces, this treatment involves brackets being attached to the teeth and a series of wires to gradually straighten the teeth. It requires an orthodontist to attach the brackets to the teeth and change the wires throughout the treatment. The main difference is the use of ceramic brackets are the same colour as your teeth instead of the chrome coloured metal brackets. The reason for the use of ceramic brackets is to make the braces less noticeable for those who would prefer an inconspicuous, less obtrusive teeth straightening option. It is important to note that ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a more recently developed teeth straightening technology. The treatment process involves using a series of clear aligners to slowly shift your teeth into the correct alignment. Teeth straightening with clear aligners generally does not involve any attachments to your teeth and the aligners are removable for eating and drinking. Clear aligners are a step above ceramic braces and metal braces for subtlety and ease of use.

What Type of Braces Should I Get?

It is important to consider multiple factors when deciding on the best type of braces to get.


Considering the appearance and aesthetics of your chosen treatment is more important than you initially might think. You will be wearing your braces or aligners for over a month at least and it can become frustrating for many people to have a mouth full of metal for the whole period. Most people will prefer a more discrete option like clear aligners to avoid other people noticing that they are straightening their teeth.


For a lot of people, finances can get in the way of getting a straight smile which simply should not be the case. Treatments that involve orthodontists, like braces and Invisalign, involve monthly orthodontic visits with high fees which increases the price of treatment drastically. Clear aligner companies price their treatments differently but they are generally a lot cheaper than any treatments administered by an orthodontist. For example, EZ Smile offer full treatment with clear aligners for just $2,499.


Those who have had braces can give you a horror story about the pain and discomfort involved in the treatment. The process of getting your brackets attached and your wires changed by your orthodontist can be both invasive and uncomfortable. Throughout the treatment, the brackets and wires can be very uncomfortable against your gums and eating can be very inconvenient and restricted. Not everyone is prepared to face this ordeal which is why clear aligners might be a better option for a lot of people. The only discomfort you might experience would be when you switch aligners as your teeth adjust to the new position.

Amount of movement

The amount of adjustment your alignment requires is another thing to consider when choosing a treatment. For major misalignment issues, you are probably more suited to braces. However, clear aligners are perfect for more minor, cosmetic adjustments.

Choosing the Right Braces for You

The best type of braces to get for yourself may be totally different to the most suitable option for another person. Your main consideration should be based on your teeth and what sort of treatment they need. If your teeth are majorly misaligned, your best option would be to see an orthodontist to start a treatment using braces. However, if you are after a minor cosmetic change in your teeth, then clear aligners are the perfect option for you, being more comfortable, cheaper and easier to use. It is important that the teeth straightening treatment that you get works for your teeth. To find out whether clear aligners will be the best option for you, a free online assessment can be taken on the EZ Smile website.

Just as everyone’s teeth and alignment are different, so are your personal circumstances. The top priority should always be the best treatment for your teeth, but it is also important to consider the factors mentioned above as well as any other factors applicable to your situation. How much weight you give to each factor should be based on your individual circumstances. For example, adults prefer to be more discrete when straightening their teeth so metal braces might not be as practical for them as they are for a teenager.

Pros and Cons of Invisible Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

When considering which teeth braces are best, you need to consider the pros and cons of both clear aligners and braces. Going back to the factors we discussed before, clear aligners come out on top of braces almost every time. They are great for anyone looking for a more aesthetically discrete treatment option due to their nearly invisible appearance. Why would you put up with a mouth full of metal if you don’t need to? The only reason you might need to choose braces over aligners is if you are in a situation where your teeth and bite are too far out of alignment for clear aligners to fix. If you are instead someone who is after a small cosmetic change to your teeth to finally achieve your dream smile, then clear aligners are the most suitable option.

If you are asking, what type of braces should I get, then you also need to consider the price of both options. When compared to the cost of traditional braces, clear aligners are the obvious choice. Traditional braces can be anywhere from $6000-$10000 because they require consistent trips to an orthodontist to tighten your wires, whereas, clear aligners from EZ Smile remove the need for these trips making them more wallet-friendly at $2499.

Best Method of Teeth Straightening in Australia

You probably read this article because you found yourself asking, what type of braces should I get? After this article, you should be more informed about the options available to you and hopefully you understand that the best teeth straightening treatment is the one that suits your teeth and your personal situation. Given the factors that we mentioned above, you can either carefully deliberate over the pros and cons of each treatment option to decide what works for you, or alternatively, you can take the 30 second online assessment to see whether EZ Smile’s clear aligners will be suitable for you.