Get That Perfect Smile, Fast

There’s a huge meeting you’ve forgotten about- or a high school reunion you’re dreading, or you’re finally going on that date. Whatever the reason, there’ll probably come a day where you’ll decide that you need that perfect smile, and you need it fast. But dental work is infamously drawn out, and can cost thousands in exorbitant fees.

So, how can you gain that perfect smile in record time?


No one wants to have yellow teeth. They can be a sign of poor hygiene, bad habits, or even both. When this happens, there are a few quick whitening methods you can employ to make sure you’re on the fast track to that perfect smile. If you don’t have time to see the dentist, mix seven teaspoons of baking soda with fresh lemon juice to make a paste. Apply this to your teeth and leave on up to 3 minutes, depending on how much you need. Other quick fixes include swirling coconut oil around your mouth for roughly 10 minutes and adding some charcoal to your toothpaste and scrubbing. Both methods work to quickly and effectively draw out stains.


It goes without saying that certain foods are more capable of staining and eroding teeth than others. If you need to get that perfect smile fast, it’s a good idea to avoid coffee, wine (both red and white) and as a general rule, stick to water- and lots of it. If you’d like to have a glass of wine with your dinner, however, trying eating some cheese before you drink. The cheese will act like a barrier for your teeth. Curry and pasta sauces can also discolour the teeth, and balsamic vinegar should be avoided unless you immediately rinse your mouth after ingesting. And while dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries should be avoided, eating strawberries for dessert naturally exfoliates your teeth and cleans your smile right up.


Depending on how much time you have, it’s worth investing in a shake-up of your normal dental routine to ensure you snag that perfect smile. Add flossing to your routine if it isn’t already; flossing helps scrape away bacteria that regular brushing or mouthwash simply can’t get to. Removing this bacteria makes a small, but clearly visible difference to your smile because the cleaner your teeth, the better they’ll look- and with the added benefit of preventing dental disease. It may also be worth switching up your toothbrush for an electric one, which is proven to better than manual brushing for cleaning your teeth. If you ultimately prefer manual, however, try a toothbrush with soft or medium brushes, as these don’t scrape away too much of your enamel. After all this, if you’re worried about your teeth staining, try rubbing a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto your teeth to avoid losing that pearly sheen!

Clear aligners

If you need a quick fix for your teeth, try investing in clear aligners. These are transparent, mouthguard-style attachments that fit over the teeth and subtly align them over a period of time. A strong advantage of clear aligners is that they’re clear, allowing you to start flaunting that perfect smile as soon as it begins shifting into place. Unlike traditional braces, they can also be removed from the teeth for cleaning and eating, which allows them to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and habits. Clear aligners also cut down on waiting time; in many cases, users receive a bulk of aligners at a time and slowly apply them according to a predetermined schedule. This decreases the amount of time spent at the dentist’s office and allows you to continue with your life whilst undergoing treatment.

By answering a few simple questions we can let you know if you would be a good candidate for EZ SMILE clear aligners.

Even if you may have been turned off the idea of a perfect smile by the thought of braces and thousands of dollars in dental fees, it’s still a very real possibility. You can easily sidestep drastic operations with the help of these simple tricks, most of which can be used with very little disruption to your everyday lifestyle. With this in mind, that perfect smile is practically already on the way.