How Much Does Teeth Straightening Cost in Australia?

Simple questions often deserve a simple answer, but when it comes to the relatively straightforward question of teeth straightening costs in Australia, it’s a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string”.

Several different factors will influence the cost of teeth straightening including the severity of your misalignment or spacing, details of previous dental work, the length of your treatment and any extra dental work you may require. The good news is, in Australia, there are a large number of teeth straightening treatments available, so all you need to do is choose the right option for you.

In this article we will explore the cost to straighten teeth in Australia, your teeth straightening options, factors that influence the prices of teeth straightening and what is included in these costs along with the most affordable teeth straightening treatment options in Australia.

How much does it cost to straighten teeth?

The cost to straighten teeth in Australia ranges from $2,000 to $12,5001 – we know, it’s pretty daunting! Teeth straightening costs vary enormously depending on the type and level of treatment that you require.

Less severe cases generally have a shorter treatment time and therefore lower costs. More complex alignment issues, however, can require a longer treatment time or a specific treatment method which can be quite expensive.

The method of teeth straightening treatment that you require will also impact the costs. Clear aligners are a great cost-effective option for mild to moderate alignment issues; however, unfortunately, they won’t work for everyone. Here we’ll compare the different costs associated with traditional braces, and the costs associated with clear aligners in Australia and help you to make an informed decision on the best treatment method for you.

Teeth Straightening Costs & Options in Australia

So, you’ve decided it’s the right time to consider straightening your teeth and you’re on the lookout for options. You’ve come to the right place! As we’ve mentioned, teeth straightening costs vary enormously depending on which treatment method you choose. Here we explore traditional braces and clear aligners.

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are a popular teeth straightening option in Australia, and for a good reason too! They are more effective at treating extreme overcrowding or misalignment and are generally very effective in realigning a crooked smile or helping to correct improperly positioned jaws.

However, traditional braces are hardly discreet, which is enough to deter many patients seeking treatment and can often take between 18-36 months to straighten your teeth which again is unappealing for many! There is also a long list of foods that aren’t braces-friendly and a requirement for check-ups which contributes directly to the high costs associated with traditional braces.

In Australia, traditional metal braces can cost up to $8,0001 depending on the complexity of the treatment required. The costs can be even higher for severe orthodontic issues or if a longer treatment time is needed.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are gaining popularity in Australia, especially in recent years and with the younger generation. Clear aligners are made of a transparent, plastic material that is moulded to the shape of your teeth and work by applying gentle pressure to guide your teeth into the desired final position.

Clear aligners are an excellent option for anyone deterred by the aesthetics of traditional braces, or anyone who’s looking for the freedom to be able to remove their braces occasionally! Clear aligners are also far more comfortable to wear than traditional braces are and eliminate the risk of painful nicks or cuts in your mouth.

In Australia, clear aligners generally range from $6,500 – $9,5002 for a full 18-24 month treatment. However, the cost of your clear aligners will depend heavily on the complexity and length of your treatment.

Factors that influence teeth straightening costs

So, you’re wondering “how much does it cost to straighten teeth?” and you’ve discovered that it isn’t quite a straight forward answer! Below we explore a few of the factors that contribute to the teeth straightening costs.

Severity of misalignment

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the more complex your treatment, the higher the costs will generally be. Complex teeth straightening treatments can also often require additional medical intervention, including X-rays or any minor surgical procedures to reposition the bones and gums that help to hold your teeth in place.

Treatment duration

The severity of your misalignment and the duration of your treatment go hand in hand when considering costs associated with teeth straightening. Generally, more severe bite or alignment issues will require a more complicated treatment which inherently becomes a longer treatment process. You may also need regular check-ups throughout your treatment, which again contributes to the cost of teeth straightening.

Orthodontic check-ups

Throughout the length of your treatment, it’s likely that you will require regular orthodontist check-ups to make sure your teeth are moving according to plan, and that your treatment is remaining on track. These check-ups can, unfortunately, be quite expensive and is often a direct contributor to the high price tag on orthodontic treatment.

Bite issues

Bite issues can’t always be treated through traditional straightening methods, and sometimes minor surgical procedures may be required to correct the bite issues. In severe cases, tooth extraction or even jaw surgery may be necessary to ensure a proper bite.

Why are teeth straightening costs so high?

It’s true – it’s not cheap to straighten your teeth! As we’ve mentioned, several different factors contribute to the high cost when considering how much it costs to straighten teeth. Depending on the specifics of your treatment, you may be wearing braces for anywhere between 18 months to 3+ years. During this time, you’ll generally need to visit the orthodontist about every 6 weeks.

The fee you pay will most likely cover the whole duration of your treatment, any additional medical procedures, the staff and all of the equipment required. The check-up appointments will allow for your orthodontist to make any tiny adjustments to your braces and make sure that your treatment is still on track.

In short, the costs associated with teeth straightening are high, but they’re necessary for making sure your smile looks perfect and stays perfect!

What’s included in teeth straightening costs?

So we’ve discussed how much it costs to straighten teeth, but what’s included in these costs? Well, it depends on which teeth straightening treatment method you choose! For traditional braces, you can generally pay up to $8,000 depending on the complexity of your treatment. This cost covers everything from the initial fitting of the braces, and regular check-up visits to the removal of braces, retainers and post-treatment follow up for 1-2 years.

Clear aligners cost an average of $6,500 – $9,500 with this cost covering the same treatment aspects as traditional braces. Some clear aligner companies can lower their costs by cutting out the dental check-ups and providing the whole treatment at home! The EZ SMILE cost covers your initial impression kit or 3D scan, all aligner sets (no matter how many you need!) and your first retainer.

What’s the cheapest way to straighten teeth Australia?

So, we’ve mentioned that a lot of the costs associated with teeth straightening are coming from the orthodontic check-ups, whether they’re during or post-treatment, and we’re sure you’re wondering if there’s a solution. The great news is, there is! EZ SMILE is the cheapest way to straighten teeth in Australia and has eliminated the extra costs associated with in-chair check-ups by creating an at-home teeth straightening treatment option using clear aligners.

The total cost for EZ SMILE is $2,499,  that’s up to 70%^ less than traditional methods, and there are a number of different payment options to choose from. EZ SMILE works all from the comfort of your own home and you can opt to either order an impression kit to complete at home and send back, or you can book in for a free 3D teeth scan at one of the 14 locations Australia wide. Your clear aligners are shipped directly to you, and there’s no need for any dental check-ups!

There you have it, “how much does it cost to straighten teeth” doesn’t quite have a straight-forward answer and the costs range significantly depending on which treatment option is best for you.

Although traditional braces and clear aligners each have their strong points, your decision will ultimately depend on your budget, lifestyle and the complexity of the treatment you require. Being up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional methods, EZ SMILE is an excellent option for anyone seeking discreet teeth straightening treatment with a lower price tag. EZ SMILE has not only decreased costs by eliminating dental check-ups, but they’ve also made the entire treatment more convenient.

EZ SMILE is an Australian company, based in Sydney, with locally-based customer service there to answer any questions you may have during the treatment – so you know you are supported the entire time.  Click here to take a free 30-second assessment to find out if EZ SMILE is right for you and start your journey today!