Do Aligners Hurt? Your Guide to Aligner and Pain

We have all heard the horror stories about the pain involved in teeth straightening but do Clear aligners hurt in the same way? People have stories about not being able to eat solid food because of their braces, not being able to bite down, bleeding tongues, it’s like a warzone! So, it is only natural to be asking the question, do invisible aligners hurt? Unlike braces, clear aligners are not stuck to your teeth and can be taken out at any time, including when eating so you don’t have to worry about being on a baby food diet for the duration of your treatment. Certain types and levels of discomfort are totally normal and are a sign of the treatment working! We will go into what you should expect from your treatment.

Why Do Aligners Hurt?

Though clear aligners are far less uncomfortable than braces, the reality is any teeth straightening method will involve a level of discomfort. It is unavoidable when it comes to moving teeth. It is actually a good sign to feel some level of irritation as it means they are effectively adjusting the alignment of your teeth and that the treatment is working! You may find some stages cause more pain than others as they might be more teeth movement in those stages. In the first few days after you change aligners, you are more likely to experience more tenderness and pressure as your teeth shift to conform to the new aligner stage. In terms of the question do aligners hurt, the answer is that people often experience discomfort in the form of pressure or tenderness in their teeth. Don’t let this deter you from wearing your aligners! Though it may not be the most pleasant experience, keep consistent with the amount of time you wear your aligners as the discomfort now will be worth the results! Another type of irritation that you may experience is tenderness in the tongue. This is definitely less common with clear aligners than it is with traditional methods of teeth straightening. We have all heard the horror stories of bleeding tongues and gums as a result of wire braces! However, when something foreign is in your mouth, your tongue often finds it hard to resist and clear aligners are no exception and this can cause slight irritation. The edges of the aligners can also irritate your gums. Our gums are not used to having something consistently resting against them so, naturally, they are going to react and become a bit irritated. Our aligners have very smooth edges to limit these issues.

Discomfort Not Caused by Clear Aligners

Considering your clear aligners are shifting the positioning of your teeth in your gums, a bit of tenderness is to be expected. However, we don’t want you to be thinking, do aligners hurt this much? If you are in severe pain, they may be an issue that needs to be addressed. If your aligners are causing your tongue or gums to bleed, there may be an issue with the edges of the aligners. You can contact EZ Smile to determine what to do if this happens. Your teeth may become slightly loose with the treatments as they are moving in your gums so don’t think all your teeth are about to fall out. However, they should not be extremely wobbly. You also should not be in consistent, extreme pain throughout your treatment. If regular pain killers are not providing any relief, it may be a sign of an issue. If you are one of the very few that experience any of the above symptoms, give our EZ SMILE customer service team a call.  

How Long Do Aligners Hurt For?

The discomfort you feel during your EZ SMILE treatment will vary depending on the stages of treatment. If you are concerned about how long do aligners hurt for, the reality is that the more tender periods will last for the first few days of wearing new aligners. You do not have to be concerned that your mouth will be in agony for the duration of your 4-8 month treatment because your teeth will shift and adjust at each stage and the pain will lessen over the days that you wear each set. If the pain lasts longer than a few days, there could be another issue that should be discussed with the EZ SMILE team. But the reality is, your answer to the question do clear aligners hurt does depend on how much you commit to treatment. Wearing your aligners consistently, particularly in the first few days of a new set, will help your teeth quickly adjust to their new alignment and will lessen the pressure and tenderness you may be experiencing.  

Do Clear Aligners Hurt More Than Braces?

If you are tossing up between different types of treatment, you may be wondering do teeth aligners hurt more or less than braces? Traditional braces can be very uncomfortable. Instead of switching aligners at different stages of treatment, your orthodontist will change the wires running through the braces which tightens them creating more pressure. These wires are often quick sharp at their ends which can dig into your cheeks and cause bleeding. The duration and level of pain that comes with these wire changes are worse than changes in aligners. Also, the braces are pieces of metal stuck on your teeth consistently and they often dig in and cut the inside of your mouth. Eating with braces can be painful and messy as they food often gets caught between the braces and wires. The process of removing braces is also very unpleasant as they are forcefully snapped off your teeth which can be stressful. On the other hand, clear aligners are made to fit your teeth exactly. They are much smoother than braces and do not have the same risk of injuring the inside of your mouth as there is no risk of wires or metal cutting your gums. Clear aligners are easily removed at home and eating is as simple is it normally is. The gradual changes in the fit of the aligners also allows for easier transitions between stages of treatments. There is minimal disruption to your everyday routine with clear aligners so your answer to do invisible aligners hurt more than braces is no! You may be wondering, how long do aligners hurt for? When you compare the total length of treatment, EZ SMILE treatments typically last for 4-8 months which is significantly shorter than braces which are usually on for 18-24 months. Hopefully that helps you make your decision!

How You Can Reduce Discomfort with Aligners

If the question, do invisible aligners hurt, is something that is concerning you, never fear! You don’t have to sit tight and suffer through the discomfort with nothing to alleviate. It seems counter-intuitive but the best way to reduce the discomfort at the start of your new stages of treatment is to wear your aligners as much as possible. This will help your teeth shift into the desire position for the phase quicker than if you neglect to wear them the recommended 20 hours a day and will make the adjustment period shorter. Another tip is putting in your new set of aligners in at night so that you are asleep for the initial adjustment period and won’t even remember the discomfort! One thing that can decrease the amount of tenderness you experience is avoiding crunchy, hard foods in the first few days of wearing new aligners. Treat your teeth with kindness as they adjust to their new position and stick to softer, gentler foods. Also try to avoid clenching your jaw to lessen the pressure on your teeth. Feel free to take pain killers if you are struggling as well. There is nothing like Panadol to help you get through those tender periods and help the answer to the question, do teeth aligners hurt, be not really!  

Choose EZ Smile for the Easiest Treatment

Though clear aligners can cause some discomfort, it is totally manageable. Hopefully your question do aligners hurt is answered and that the prospect of a few days of tenderness does not stop you from getting the smile you want with EZ SMILE! EZ SMILE’s top quality aligners are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of straightening with our treatment costing only $2499! We also offer the convenience of requiring no in person consultation but our friendly Australian based customer support team is always available to address questions about your treatment. Take the free 30 second assessment on our website and begin your EZ SMILE journey today.

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost in Australia?

The most common question we get asked is, “how much do invisible braces cost in Australia?”

Put simply, there is no simple answer. Invisible braces cost will vary based on several different factors, including the severity of misalignment or spacing, bite issues, the length of treatment, any previous dental work, and any extra dental work that has to be done.

This article will provide a detailed overview of the factors that influence invisible aligners price, the results of invisible braces and how invisible braces cost compares to the price of other teeth-straightening methods.

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost in Australia?

Invisible braces, also known as clear aligners, are rapidly gaining popularity in Australia, especially with the younger demographic. Clear aligners are made of a transparent, plastic material that is moulded to the shape of your teeth and applies pressure to the teeth to move them into the preferred position.

Clear aligners have grown in popularity because of their transparency and ease of use. Not only are they much more challenging to notice than traditional braces when on, but they can also occasionally be removed. Moreover, clear aligners are much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces as the risk of cuts in-mouth is severely reduced.

Clear aligners will typically cost anywhere from $6,500 to $9,500 for a complete 24-month treatment; however, the cost will depend entirely on the length and difficulty of your treatment. Less severe cases generally have a shorter treatment time and thus a lower price. Here at EZ Smile, our clear aligner treatments are 70% cheaper than traditional braces.

Let’s go into detail regarding the factors that influence invisible braces cost Australia wide.

Factors Influencing Invisible Aligners Price

So, you’re wondering, “how much is it to get invisible braces?” and you’ve realised it’s not as straightforward as it may seem! Below are some factors to consider when analysing invisible braces cost Australia.

1. The Severity of Misalignment

As stated above, the more complex and lengthier the treatment, the more it will cost. People invest in braces for several reasons, but most commonly because their teeth are crowded, stick out, crooked, or too far apart. By investing in invisible braces, you can avoid cavities, gum disease and enamel erosion, among other problems.

It may take more time for teeth to push into the desired position if they’re extremely far apart. This can extend the length of the treatment and subsequently, invisible braces cost. Furthermore, extra treatment may need to be conducted throughout your time wearing invisible braces. For example, removing teeth to make more room in the mouth is not uncommon.

2. Duration of the Treatment

The severity of misalignment and the duration of your treatment are both relevant to each other when calculating invisible braces cost.

It is important to note that if you are also fixing an open bite or underbite, the overall process will take longer, and thus invisible braces cost will increase. In severe cases, even jaw surgery may be required.

3. Improper Use

The length of your treatment can be extended if you do not follow your orthodontist’s advice. As clear aligners can be removed occasionally, the treatment process can be extended if removed too often.

Make sure that you wear your clear aligners most of the time if you do not wish to increase invisible aligners price over time.

Invisible Braces Cost vs. Other Teeth Straightening Treatments Cost

Hopefully, you’re not feeling too overwhelmed when considering “how much do invisible braces cost in Australia?”. To put invisible braces cost into perspective, we’ll run you through an estimated cost of other teeth-straightening methods so you can compare how they stack up against each other.

1. Metal Braces

Metal braces are the type of braces that most people are familiar with. They consist of metal brackets placed on the outside of your teeth, using wires to help teeth move quickly. These metal braces are quite prominent and noticeable when exposed.

Traditional metal braces cost between $6,000 to $9,000, depending on the time needed. In addition, retainers have to be purchased after treatment and regular orthodontist visits are required every 1-2 months. Compared to the invisible braces cost – why wouldn’t you go for clear aligners? They’re the same price and much less noticeable to

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in size and shape, but they have clear brackets that blend into the teeth. As a result, they are less noticeable to see.

The cost of ceramic braces is normally around $6,500 to $9,500. Orthodontist check-ups are also required at the same rate as metal braces.

3. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are very similar to both metal and ceramic braces, except they are placed on the inside face of the teeth. They are more challenging to clean due to their location and can often be much more uncomfortable than traditional braces. In addition, lingual braces are the most expensive treatment. They cost more than metal braces because they have to be custom made and fitted in a laboratory.

Due to their location, lingual braces require longer appointments which increases the cost. Lingual braces cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for a complete treatment.

4. Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners

As stated above, normally invisible braces cost around $6,500 to $9,500 for a complete 24-month treatment.

Each provider is free to set their own fees, so price variation between clear aligners is bound to occur. Therefore, make sure that you receive a quote in between this range if relevant.

However, EZ Smile offers clear aligners treatment for a much lower cost, ranging from $2,499! Save up to 70% compared to other invisible braces treatment with EZ Smile clear aligners. EZ Smile keeps the cost of clear aligners low, without sacrificing quality or ease of use.

How Much Does EZ Smile Cost?

So, now that you have a rough idea regarding “how much is it to get invisible braces?”, and the cost of invisible braces compared to other treatments, let’s take a deeper look at EZ

Smile’s ‘Clear Aligner’ solution – the most cost-effective and efficient invisible braces product on the market.

Compared to all the previously discussed methods of teeth straightening, EZ Smile is by far and away the cheapest product on the market – without sacrificing excellence or convenience.

EZ Smile offers four easy ways to pay:

1. One-time payment of $2,499. Total treatment.

2. Zip Money – $208 p/mth for 12 mths + Zip Fees $25 set-up + $7.95 p/mth = $2,619.40 total.

3. Humm – $104.13/mth for 24 mths +Humm Fees $52 set up and $8 p/mth = $2743 total.

4. EZ Instalments – $45 p/w for 52 weeks + $499 deposit = $2,839 total.

Within this treatment package, these costs are included in the above total sums:

· Your first set of aligners

· Professional teeth whitening

· First set of retainers to keep teeth straight after treatment.

· Shipping and delivery

· Personalised teeth straightening plan.

· Free refinement if needed to guarantee the end result

To assess your initial suitability with EZ Smile’s clear aligners, book in for a free 3D teeth scan or purchase an at-home impression kit today!

EZ Smile runs an ‘at-home model’, meaning we deliver our package, including the aligners, directly to your door. This means no orthodontist visits or check-ups are required – another huge money saver! Compared to other invisible braces cost Australia wide, EZ Smile is a bargain! Save up to 70% compared to traditional braces. Get straight teeth with EZ Smile clear aligners.

Why You Should Choose EZ Smile Over Competitors

So, there you have it! As you can see, the cost of traditional braces and clear aligners developed by other brands is remarkably higher than the invisible braces cost of EZ Smile.

EZ Smile is the cheapest way to straighten teeth in Australia and has eliminated the extra costs attached to in-house check-ups. EZ Smile works from the comfort of your own home and is shipped directly to you.

The total invisible braces cost with EZ Smile is $2,499, roughly 70% less than traditional methods. As a result, EZ Smile is an excellent treatment option for anyone seeking discreet teeth straightening treatment with a lower price tag.

EZ Smile is an Australian company based in Sydney with a highly rated locally-based customer service team to assist you at any point throughout your treatment. So, start your free 30-second assessment today to find out if EZ Smile Clear Aligners are the solution for you!

Nighttime Clear Aligners: Are They Necessary?

Nighttime clear aligners are being advertised more and more as an option for those who want a straighter smile without having to wear aligners or braces during the day. Multiple clear aligner companies are now offering this treatment and it might be sounding like a great option considering it only involves 10 hours of wear per day and you don’t have to be conscious for your treatment! It sounds almost too good to be true and that might be because it is.   Although it sounds appealing to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of having to worry about your aligners during the day, orthodontic research suggests that this may not be the dream solution that it is being advertised to be. It is very important to consider the scientific research that is behind straightening treatments and to choose a company that values the safety of their treatment above everything else.

What Are Nighttime Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative teeth straightening treatment to braces. Treatment involves using a series of aligners to slowly shift your teeth into their desired alignment. They are designed to be more discrete and convenient than braces and are an increasingly popular way of achieving a beautifully straight smile.   The first thing that might come to mind when you hear nighttime aligners might be the night time retainer that you wear after a straightening treatment. They are actually something entirely different. Think of night time clear aligners as night time braces for teeth. They are simply clear aligners that you only have to wear for 10 hours a day, so you can wear them while you sleep.   They can only be used for very minor straightening procedures because the lack of consistency means any drastic shifts in alignment are very difficult to achieve. They are much slower than regular clear aligners because of the lack of wear during the day. They also must be consistently in your mouth for the straight 10 hours because of the lack of wear during the day meaning no midnight snacking during treatment!  

Why Don’t EZ Smile Don’t Use Night Time Clear Aligners?

The main reason EZ Smile does not use nighttime aligners is because there is insufficient research proving that it is a safe option for your teeth. The process of straightening teeth with clear aligners is supposed to involve consistent pressure on your teeth constantly for a period of months. In fact, decades of research have found that 20-22 hours a day of light pressure on your teeth is sufficient for properly straightening your teeth. Night time clear aligners involve only 10 hours a day of pressure followed by 14 hours of relaxation. This not only means that achieving results is going to take a much longer time, but it also might not be good for oral health. There are no peer reviewed studies that supports nighttime aligners as a safe and effective treatment option. In fact, orthodontist Dr. C. Lynn Hurst suggests that nighttime aligners may actually be harmful with your teeth being left in a state of inflammation during the day and inconsistent pressure causing your teeth to shift into undesired positions. EZ Smile’s priority is providing the safest, most effective and efficient treatment possible to our clients. We stick to scientific evidence and the lack of peer-reviewed research is why we do not offer nighttime aligners as a straightening option.  

Do I Need Nighttime Clear Aligners?

The reality is that nighttime aligners are not at all necessary. If your main concern regarding committing to clear aligners to straighten your teeth is cosmetic, then stop worrying! Unlike braces, clear aligners are totally invisible so you can straighten your teeth without having the classic metal mouth that is associated with traditional braces. If you are worried about the discomfort that you may experience when wearing your aligners, the reality is that nighttime aligners can be more uncomfortable than regular clear aligners. This is because the plastic that is used in nighttime aligners is thicker than regular aligners so will feel more disruptive in your mouth. On top of this, the discomfort does not stop during the day. Your teeth have experienced the pressure from the aligners overnight and will still be shifting back to their original position during the day. The treatment is also significantly longer than regular clear aligners so you will be experiencing discomfort for an extended period.  

Why Do People Use Nighttime Clear Aligners?

Night time clear aligners might seem like an appealing option if you have reservations about the inconvenience and discomfort of clear aligners. One of the main pros of nighttime clear aligners is that you don’t have wear the aligners during the day. This mean eliminating the hassle of removing your aligners when you eat and not being seen wearing aligners during your daily life. The discomfort involved in teeth straightening treatments is only experienced overnight while you are unconscious so, apart from the occasional ache in the morning, you do not have to experience having the aligner in your mouth during the day. The main negative about night time clear aligners is that it takes more than double the time to complete treatment, you may not get the results desired, and as your teeth are in a constant state of flux (moving then relaxing every day) you may be in more discomfort for a longer period of time than if you choose the proven clear aligners that you wear all day.      

How Much Do Night Time Clear Aligners Cost?

You might have noticed that night time clear aligners cost more than regular clear aligning treatments. One of the main reasons behind this could be to disincentives clients from choosing them as their treatment due to the lack of evidence proving their safety and effectiveness.   Furthermore, because of the lack of peer reviewed evidence on nighttime aligners, you could experience your teeth not responding to the treatment as planned. They could remain in the same crooked alignment as you started with or get worse. This could lead you to seeking different straightening treatments which means spending more money. Overall, nighttime aligners will likely end up being more expensive than using regular clear aligners, especially if you straighten your teeth with EZ Smile for only $2499.   The truth is that there is no shortcut to getting straight teeth so why take the risk? Stick with a treatment that is backed by scientific studies and that will be the most effective for your teeth.

Why Should I Choose EZ Smile for Clear Aligners?

EZ Smile’s top priority is to give you the smile of your dreams in a safe, efficient, and effective way for the lowest price possible. If you are wanting to straighten your teeth with clear aligners and have some reservations about wearing them throughout the day, let us put your worries to rest.   We aim to make teeth straightening convenient with no in person consultation required. Straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home with our EZ Smile customer support team ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.   We aim to make life as normal as possible with EZ Smile clear aligners. Our aligners are almost invisible and very discreet so people won’t have to know that you are undergoing straightening treatment. Clear aligners are also removable so you don’t have to worry about changing your diet with EZ Smile. While you do have to wear your aligners 20-22 hours a day, you can eat and drink when you want with little inconvenience!   Don’t take the risk on night time aligners and straighten your teeth with EZ Smile. Take our free 30 second assessment online today to start your journey to the smile of your dreams.    

Can You Get Invisible Aligners with Missing Teeth?

Invisible aligners are a wonder of modern technology, giving people across the globe the opportunity to build self-confidence and fix poor teeth alignment without the intrusiveness that traditional metal braces bring. As such, it’s no wonder that invisible aligners have grown rapidly in popularity over the recent years. However, you may be asking yourself, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, and whether or not aligners with a missing tooth work as intended. While some people believe that invisible aligners will not work for those with missing teeth, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is, a patient CAN have missing teeth anywhere in their mouth, and still experience significant benefit from invisible aligners. It all comes down to how many teeth are missing, and the results that you wish to achieve with clear aligners. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, your dentist may decide to first put a replacement tooth or implant in the open spot, before starting invisible aligner treatment, however, this is not always necessary. So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, the answer is yes! Don’t let some missing teeth prevent you from restoring confidence in your smile; there’s a solution for everybody. Continue reading on to learn more about how aligners with missing teeth work!  

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Invisible aligners are specifically designed to provide an easy and effective way of shifting and repositioning teeth. These aligners are custom-made based on your own personal mouth composition and structure, so that your teeth move where they need to. The aligners are based on an impression of your teeth so that they fit perfectly, and a series of different aligners are used throughout the process to steadily move your teeth into the desired positions at the right time. Can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth? You sure can!    

Invisible Aligners with Missing Teeth

When it comes to “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, the process works similarly to how it would if all teeth were present. Many dentists will recommend that you have a replacement implant tooth in your gap between teeth before commencing invisible aligners treatment. While not natural, it looks and feels like the real deal. This is done so that the aligners can work as intended and not be impeded by the missing tooth gap. On the contrary, invisible aligners can also be used to make room for a replacement tooth to be implanted. If not acted on early, your remaining teeth will begin to shift into the gap left by the missing tooth, making it harder for invisible aligners to work as intended. While invisible aligners are well known for straightening crooked teeth, they’re also perfect for making small movements for moving shifted teeth back into place so that there’s room for a replacement. Thus, in some cases, invisible aligners are used before an implant is done to clear a path for the implant.    

Can You Use Aligners with Missing Teeth?

In saying this, it is not always necessary to have an implant replacement tooth for invisible aligners to work effectively. In fact, in some cases, missing teeth may leave even more space for the aligners to work as intended. According to Hugh Flax, an Implant Dentist in America, “…the missing tooth space can often give us flexibility to realign teeth and relieve crowding”. So, there you have it! When considering “can you get aligners with missing teeth?”, you may find it helps the procedure and provides more options for developing the perfect smile. If you’re suffering from crowding and spacing issues with your teeth or mild to moderate alignment issues, invisible aligners are the ideal solution to help you get back on track and re-gain confidence in your smile!  

When Aligners May Not Be the Right Fit

There are instances of missing teeth where clear aligners may not be appropriate and alternative orthodontic measures may need to be in place. Clear and invisible aligners are designed to make small, gradual movements of teeth and cannot necessarily make large movements to fill gaps. For more dramatic changes with missing teeth, braces may be more appropriate. For one missing tooth, clear aligners will almost always be the right choice. However, for multiple missing teeth, it can be hard to place invisible aligners and there can be a few issues with treatment. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for clear aligners, take our 30 second assessment to get your answer right away!

Why You Should Get Invisible Aligners with a Missing Tooth

If you’re suffering from crowding and spacing issues with your teeth or mild gaps in your teeth, invisible aligners can help. For those with crooked teeth, invisible aligners can straighten them out. This will reduce the risk of gum disease, as straight teeth are easier to clean and reduce the gaps that bacteria can grow in. Straight teeth also work to align the jaw, easing ache and discomfort. If you’ve been wondering, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?”, you’ve probably considered using braces too. However, there are a number of benefits to using invisible aligners instead of braces, when appropriate. When considering why to use invisible aligners over braces, it is important to note the following benefits of invisible aligners:

  1. They’re more comfortable

Traditional metal braces have sharp edges that dig and cut into your lips and cheeks, leaving sores that are difficult to heal. However, removable invisible aligners are custom-made for your teeth and are made with smooth edges, removing the possibility of metal digging into your mouth.    
  1. A more flexible solution

Once braces have been screwed in, they’re little things that would cause your dentist to remove them. However, invisible aligners can be removed, and the schedule of your treatment can be adapted to the current situation. During your treatment, you will receive a set of invisible aligners that slowly adjust your teeth until each tooth is set in its proper place. Each of these movements is timed by your dental professional to be the most comfortable sequence possible. Invisible aligners give you options.    
  1. Allows for better dental hygiene

With traditional braces, bits of food and plaque can get stuck in and around the brackets, which can become difficult to clean properly. This can lead to gum disease and decay. With invisible aligners, you can remove the aligners and continue your normal dental routine; flossing, brushing and all. You can also brush and clean the inside of the aligners to prevent bacteria from building up.    
  1. Boosts self-confidence

Have you been wondering, “can you get invisible aligners with missing teeth?” Not only can you get invisible aligners, but a dental implant will also give your mouth the appearance of a complete set of teeth, and better yet, no one will even know you have them on! In contrast, braces are more likely to be noticed by others due to the metal used in the treatment. Using an invisible aligner will boost your confidence as well as your dental health, even during the treatment process, not just after!    
  1. Eat any food and drink you like!

With traditional braces, you are limited in the foods you can eat or drink, but with invisible aligners, you can eat and food or drink you wish. Braces can be damaged by certain foods, whereas invisible aligners can be removed while you eat. After you’ve finished eating, you should consider brushing your teeth or rinsing with water to avoid any food particles getting stuck between your teeth and aligner.  

Invisible Aligners with EZSMILE

EZ Smile is an Australian company with locally-based customer service to assist you at any point throughout your treatment. The total invisible braces cost with EZ Smile is $2,499, that’s up to 70% less than traditional methods! As a result, EZ Smile is an excellent treatment option for anyone seeking discreet teeth straightening with a lower price tag without sacrificing quality of treatment. EZ Smile has eliminated the extra costs attached to in-house check-ups, EZ Smile works from the comfort of your own home and is shipped directly to you. Efficiency and results like you’ve never experienced before. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re suffering from gapped or crooked teeth, start your free 30-second assessment today to find out if EZ Smile Clear Aligners are the solution for you!  

My Teeth Are Going Crooked Again! What Should I Do?

Nobody wants to experience the moment of panic when you look in the mirror at your recently straightened teeth and you think my teeth are going crooked again! Unfortunately, it is very easy to let your teeth slide back into their crooked alignment after you finishing straightening treatment especially if you neglect your night time retainers. Shifting teeth simply come with the territory of fixing your alignment and it can happen during and after your straightening journey. Luckily for you, clear aligners can be used to not only straighten teeth without the pain of wires and brackets but they can also help to maintain your straight smile after treatment.  

Why are my teeth going crooked again?

You may be wondering why it is so common for people to realise my teeth are going crooked again after all the money spent on straightening them. Something you may not know is that teeth have ligaments that attach them to the jaw bone which are like elastics. Changing the alignment of your teeth is only possible in the first place because the ligaments allow the teeth to shift. However, this makes it possible for teeth to move back, especially when there is nothing to hold them in place after treatment. Braces or clear aligners apply consistent pressure to your teeth which secures their alignment throughout treatment but without that pressure your ligaments have a mind of their own. They usually shift back to their crooked alignment because the mouth remembers that alignment even with teeth moving years after braces.   Teeth don’t like change and can also shift there is disruptions in your mouth, like losing a tooth or having one extracted. Tooth decay can also lead to your teeth becoming looser and more susceptible to shifting. As frustrating as it is, teeth can’t be set and forgotten after straightening treatment but luckily there are some easy ways to get your teeth back to the smile you want.  

How EZ SMILE Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth

Straightening your teeth with clear aligners involves using a series of aligners to slowly shift your teeth into your desired smile. Each set of aligners makes minor shifts in your teeth until your teeth are in the alignment you want. But treatment does not stop after your last set of aligners. One of the main reasons you look in the mirror and realise my teeth are getting crooked again is because, after treatment, there is nothing to hold your teeth in their new positions. This is the case for all teeth straightening methods whether traditional braces or EZ Smile. EZ Smile provides a set of retainers to be worn for several weeks full time after your treatment is completed and then at night whilst sleeping, this will ensure that your teeth stay in the alignment that your treatment achieved and eliminates the risk of shifting teeth after treatment. After a period of time your teeth will generally settle and ligaments strengthen again meaning your teeth will be less likely to move. It is still necessary to wear retainers at night to ensure they do not move again.   EZ Smile has a thorough assessment process to determine the suitability of every candidate. We will not treat anyone who we will not achieve great results for. After taking our free 30 second assessment online, you take impressions of your teeth at home to send to our experts. Our experts will analyse your impressions, check your suitability and, if we approve you as a candidate, we will create a 3D straightening plan for you. If you are happy with your treatment plan, your aligners will then be manufactured and sent to you.  

How to Stop Shifting Teeth

When you think about it, the whole process of straightening teeth involves the controlled shifting and moving them around so there may be slight shifts in your teeth as your teeth settle into their new alignment without the consistent pressure of clear aligners. This can occur even for the most diligent retainer wearers. The best thing you can do to prevent any major shifts in your teeth is to consistently wear your night time retainer after treatment. EZ Smile’s straightening journey takes only 4-8 months but you will want to be wearing your night time retainer consistently after treatment. Your first retainer is included as a part of your treatment but if your dog finds it on your bedside table or you have forgotten to wear your retainer for a few weeks and it does not fit, replacements cost only $149. Our EZ Smile customer support team is always happy to help so contact them if you are having trouble with your night time retainer. The last thing we want is for you to realise post treatment that my teeth are getting crooked again so make sure you stick to EZ Smile’s recommendations. EZ Smile also recommends to not throw away your old aligners as you can always go back and wear them again to bring your teeth back to be straight if you do forget to wear your retainers at night   Another way to ensure your teeth remain straight and healthy is by consistently upholding basic oral hygiene practices and preventing any tooth decay. This will ensure that your teeth are not unnecessarily becoming loose in your gums which can lead to the dismay that comes with the thought my teeth are going crooked again.  

How fast can your teeth move after braces?

You may be wondering how fast can your teeth move after braces or straightening treatment? The answer to your question is that it all depends on you wearing your retainer.   The first few months after treatment are the most crucial in terms of ensuring that they do not shift back into a crooked alignment. This is because your teeth are still adjusting to their new positions and the ligaments are still stretched. Even a week after not wearing a retainer can cause your teeth to shift slightly out of place during this period so make sure you are committing to wearing it every night if you don’t want to go back to your treatment provider and say my teeth are going crooked again!   However, the reality is that it is possible to see teeth moving years after braces and this can be due to other factors listed above.  

How to fix shifted teeth after braces

After all the time, money and comfort you sacrifice for straight teeth, it can be devastating to see your teeth go back to the crooked alignment you tried so hard to fix with your braces. If your teeth have only shifted slightly so that your retainer is a bit off but still fits you got lucky! Make sure to stick it out with that retainer and commit to wearing it every single night. If you notice drastic changes in your alignment or your retainer does not fit at all, you may need to consider doing another treatment. Clear aligners are a great way to fix any relapses after braces as they can adjust your teeth quickly and with much less hassle. If you were wondering how to fix shifted teeth after braces, take the EZ Smile 30 second assessment and let’s see what we can do to help you get back your dream smile.    

Straighten your teeth with EZ Smile

Teeth straightening journeys involve money, time and some discomfort so it is not worth giving up all of that to be left thinking my teeth are going crooked again.   EZ Smile’s clear aligners provide an easy way to fix and maintain great tooth alignment for a fraction of the cost of other treatments. We also offer you a 3D preview of your teeth plan before committing to the treatment so you know that you will get the best results possible before you even begin with your aligners.   Don’t put up with those crooked teeth anymore! Start your EZ Smile journey today with our free 30 second assessment!  

Are Clear Braces Cheaper Than Metal?

You might be wondering are clear braces cheaper than metal braces? If you are, don’t worry! You are not alone.   Pricing is a significant consideration for people deciding between different teeth straightening treatments. These days, there are so many treatments on the market and the costs can vary greatly. Many people are now opting for clear braces over metal braces for multiple reasons, including the pricing difference. This article will provide some insight into the pricing of teeth straightening treatments and the reasons for cost differences.   Are Clear Braces Cheaper Than Metal Braces? Let’s first unpack the most important question: are clear braces cheaper than metal braces? Unfortunately, the answer is not clear cut. The cost of metal braces vs clear braces depends on your orthodontist, the company you choose for clear aligners, the severity of your misalignment and many other factors.   Having said that, we do have some general pricing that you can expect your treatment to cost. Traditional metal braces cost around $6,000 to $9,000 depending on your orthodontist and the length of treatment. Orthodontists also offer ceramic braces, which cost around $6,500 to $9,500. Lingual braces, which are braces that attach to the inside face of the teeth, require longer appointments and can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.   Clear braces or aligners will cost around $6,000 to $9,000 if you go for a company like Invisalign and involve an orthodontist. However, other companies that provide at home clear aligners set their own prices which means there is a big variation in prices. EZ Smile offer some of the cheapest clear aligners on the market today with our treatment starting from $2,499. We keep our prices as low as we can without sacrificing the quality of your treatment.   Having said this, it’s important to keep in mind more than just the up-front cost of the treatments. Each treatment is different in terms of appearance, comfort, convenience and length and you want the straightening process to suit your lifestyle. Price is important but you should make the decision that is best for your smile.   Factors Influencing Clear Braces vs Metal Braces Costs There are multiple factors that contribute to the cost of teeth straightening treatments. Comparing clear braces vs metal braces cost involves considering the materials of the treatment, involvement of orthodontists, levels of customisation and other factors.   Metal braces require multiple appointments including initial consultations, attachment of brackets, wire changes and removal. The number of appointments involved will impact the price of the treatment and when an orthodontist is involved, automatically you will be paying their fees. Certain clear aligner brands, like Invisalign, require an orthodontist so their price will include orthodontic and appointment fees. Traditional braces can also be made from a ceramic material to lessen their appearance. They otherwise use the same technology as metal braces to straighten your teeth but they will involve extra costs averaging $500. If you opt for lingual braces, the price will increase as they require longer appointment times and the brackets are custom made to fit on the inside of the teeth, unlike the standard brackets used for standard braces.   The cost of clear aligners varies greatly depending on the providing company, the severity of misalignment, length of treatment and any factors that cause teeth to lag such as improper use or damaged aligners.   How To Evaluate Clear Braces Cost vs Metal Braces Costs When choosing between different teeth straightening treatments, it’s important to look beyond the price. Changing the alignment of your teeth is highly individualised and the right method for you may or may not be the cheapest option. You want to consider how severely misaligned your teeth are before deciding on a treatment. Metal braces are more suitable for more severe misalignment whereas clear braces are perfect for more minor changes. Keep in mind any previous dental work you have had, how long you want your treatment to last, any bite issues you may have and the difference the processes of the treatments.   If you prioritise comparing clear braces cost vs metal braces cost, you may choose a treatment that will not give you the results you want which will be a waste of your time and money. Look beyond the question are clear braces cheaper than metal and make the decision that is best for your situation.   What Are the Pros and Cons of Clear Braces vs Metal Braces? As mentioned above, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each treatment option before making any decisions. Obviously, most people would prefer to pay less but the cheaper treatment may not always be right for you. Here are some things to consider besides the cost of metal braces vs clear braces.   Metal braces are great for fixing severely misaligned teeth and achieve good results, however, they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. The brackets are attached to your teeth for the length of your treatment. This combined with the wires can make eating, drinking, brushing and maintaining good oral hygiene difficult. They are also obvious visually (even ceramic braces are still visible) which worries some people. Metal braces require wire tightening every few weeks which means regular trips to the orthodontist and you’ll be in a fair amount of discomfort after these wire change   Clear aligners may not suit someone requiring drastic realigning. However, they are perfect for smaller alignment changes without the inconvenience of braces. They are almost totally invisible, so people won’t look at you twice! Eating and brushing is no problem with clear aligners because they can be removed at any time, but make sure you wear them for at least 20 hours daily. Forget wire change appointments, you can just switch aligners at home!   Ensure You Take Care of Your Clear Aligners The question, are clear braces cheaper than metal braces involves more than looking at the upfront cost. There can always be additional costs throughout either treatments. Lots of people try to eat something a bit too ambitious for their metal braces which can cause a broken wire or bracket. Luckily, with clear braces you don’t have to worry about that but that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself needing to replace an aligner at some point. The best way to keep your treatment as cost-effective as possible is by ensuring you take care of your aligners.   With EZ Smile, you pay an upfront cost which covers every clear aligner you receive as part of your treatment. However, any damage to your aligners means replacements and replacements mean extra cost. If you keep needing new aligners, the cost of your treatment will increase. So, make sure you are keeping your aligner out of reach of any rogue dogs or young kids!   You also want to ensure that you keep your clear aligners clean. The last thing your teeth will need during the straightening process is an infection! Make sure you maintain good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing as well as looking after your aligners. Cost Effective Teeth Straightening with EZ Smile So, clear braces can be cheaper than metal braces! Why would you spend more money than necessary on getting the smile of your dreams? You don’t have to compromise the quality of your aligners or results for the cost of your treatment with EZ Smile.   EZ Smile offers full treatments for only $2,499 which is up to 70% cheaper than traditional methods! Clear aligners are also a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient, invisible option for getting a straighter smile.   Our Australian based customer service team is available to help with any queries before, during or after your treatment. Take our free 30-second assessment on our website today to find out whether EZ Smile is right for you!