Can I Wear Clear Aligners If I Have My Wisdom Teeth?

You may be considering undergoing the EZ SMILE process of teeth straightening and wondering can I wear clear aligners if I have my wisdom teeth? There are many factors to consider when deciding whether clear aligners are right for you and wisdom teeth are simply another consideration. Wisdom teeth cause grief for many young people when they decide to come through and it is understandable to be concerned as to whether they will impact the process of straightening your teeth. Luckily, in most cases, wisdom teeth will not prevent you from getting the lovely smile you are after. We will address any questions or concerns you have about wisdom teeth and the EZ SMILE process below.

Can I Wear Clear Aligners If I Have My Wisdom Teeth?

If you are hoping to get the smile of your dreams but are wondering, can I wear clear aligners if I have my wisdom teeth, do not worry! EZ SMILE can provide treatment to anyone, regardless of whether they have wisdom teeth or not. Our candidate approval process is the same for people with or without wisdom teeth and we only treat people we are certain that we can achieve good results for. The process of candidate approval involves taking impressions of your teeth at home, sending them to our dental team who will scan and create a 3D simulation plan for your teeth. You can then choose whether you want to go ahead with the straightening process based on the simulation. EZ SMILE will advise you if we cannot treat you, as we would any customer with or without wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth have come through with no issue and do not need to be removed, they will not affect any part of that process and are simply extra teeth to consider and include in the clear aligners. Do not let the question, can you get aligners with wisdom teeth stop you from going ahead with the EZ SMILE process!

Do Wisdom Teeth Affect Straightening Your Teeth?

It is completely understandable if you are worried about wisdom teeth having an impact on straightening your teeth. Wisdom teeth are simply molars that are the last teeth to come through your gums which usually happens in a person’s late teens or early twenties. Some wisdom teeth emerge and some simply stay under your gums. However, when some wisdom teeth come through, they can grow at an angle and push into the gum or other teeth. This can be painful, cause infection in the gum, and, in some cases, result in a shift in the alignment of your other teeth. Your dentist can advise you whether your wisdom teeth should be removed or if they are not going to cause any issues. If you are now thinking, can I wear clear aligners if I have my wisdom teeth? Our answer is that there is no reason why wisdom teeth that have not caused any problems will prevent you from straightening your teeth as they can be considered as just another molar.

Can You Get Aligners with Wisdom Teeth?

As said above, there is no reason why the answer to the question can I wear clear aligners if I have my wisdom teeth cannot be yes. If you are worried about whether your wisdom teeth will come through after your treatment, our advice is to consult your dentist. Your wisdom teeth may be about to come through, in which case you can hold off on getting your aligners as your wisdom teeth may alter your alignment when they come through. You can then pursue EZ SMILE treatment after they have come in and are fine or after you have them removed. If your wisdom teeth appear to be staying in your gums, there is no reason why you should put off getting the smile you want based on what ifs! It is not uncommon for

wisdom teeth to never come through and if, following your EZ SMILE treatment, they begin to come through, you can work with your dentist and look at getting them removed.

Can I Wear Retainers After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You might have gotten past the question of can you get aligners with wisdom teeth and now be asking can I wear retainers after wisdom teeth removal? The answer is yes! When wisdom teeth come through, they can introduce complications in alignment such as crowding of the front teeth which can be easily fixed with EZ SMILE clear aligners. There is no reason why removal of wisdom teeth will affect your desire to get the smile you are after. You will need to factor in the procedure and recovery time into the decision of when to start your treatment but as long as your mouth has successfully healed from the removal and your dentist does not advise you against teeth straightening procedures, you can begin your EZ SMILE journey without any problems.

How Long Do I Need to Wait After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed to Use EZ Smile?

Anyone who has gone through the process of having their wisdom teeth removed knows that it can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable for a while after the procedure. For the first couple of weeks even eating can be a challenge so to add clear aligners during the healing process would be overwhelming for anyone. It is important to allow your mouth to fully heal before thinking about the question of can I wear retainers after wisdom teeth removal. The healing process after wisdom teeth removal usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, however it can be different for everyone depending on the invasiveness of the surgery and your body’s healing time. EZ SMILE recommends getting your dentist’s advice on how long your recovery will take and waiting until you are fully healed before considering getting clear aligners and adjusting your smile. This will ensure that the EZ SMILE process will be as pain free and comfortable as possible and that you will get the results you are looking for.

Is EZ Smile Right for Me?

Whether your wisdom teeth have come through or not, EZ SMILE is committed to giving you the best treatment possible so you can achieve the results you want. Don’t let the question, can I wear clear aligners if I have my wisdom teeth prevent you from getting your dream smile. The most important first step is to get your dentist’s advice on whether your wisdom teeth will need removal or will come through at some point in the near future. If you still have doubts about your suitability for EZ SMILE, visit our website and take the 30 second assessment to determine whether EZ SMILE clear aligners are right for you and our friendly customer support team are happy to answer any further queries