6 Surprising Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

A straight set of teeth is something we’ve all pined after at one point or another. An improved, straight smile is something that can provide a boost in confidence and sense of self-assurance. However, did you know that the benefits of having straight teeth extend beyond physical appearances?

It may surprise you to learn that there is a myriad of health benefits of straight teeth. The benefits of having straight teeth are plentiful – from improved digestion to increased oral health; having a straight set of pearly whites can support the healthy function of various parts of your body. If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth with orthodontics or clear aligners, these treatments will not only improve your smile from the outset but will also work to provide several other health benefits.

EZ Smile are here to explain the many health benefits that come with having straight teeth. Australia’s leading provider of clear aligners, the team at EZ Smiles are more than qualified to break down the advantages of straight teeth. Passionate about educating consumers about the ins and outs of teeth straightening treatment, including the health benefits of the end result; straight teeth.

Is Having Straight Teeth Important for Your Health?

For many, a nice smile is associated with physical attraction. And while having straight teeth may make you feel good about the way you look, having a nice set of straight teeth is more than just aesthetics.

The simple answer to the question of “is having straight teeth important for your health?” is yes. Overall. straight teeth are healthier teeth. Straight teeth tend to get fewer cavities, are less likely to experience discolouration, wear or fractures and straight teeth will improve the overall health of a mouth.

The Problem with Misaligned Teeth

The problem with crooked teeth is that when teeth are not properly aligned, the result is a malocclusion. A malocclusion is a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the oral arches when they approach as the jaw closes. Any deviations in crowding, spacing or misalignment causes malocclusion – essentially, wherever your teeth do not meet correctly when you bite, this can cause a variety of problems.

A large majority of the Australian population live with crooked and misaligned teeth. Whether this is due to the fact that they do not see it as an issue, do not experience any known symptoms or do not have access to teeth straightening care; many do not realise the impacts that crooked teeth can have on our health.

The most common symptoms of malocclusion are crossbite, excessive overjet, deep bite and overbites. While these sound like typical dental issues, many of these conditions can cause serious complications down the line if not addressed. Left untreated, crooked teeth can significantly impact your physical health.

What Are the Benefits of Having Straight Teeth?

So, what are the benefits of having straight teeth? We already know that most people associate straight teeth with physical attraction, and those with an aligned smile tend to experience a high sense of self-confidence. Let’s dive into the other health benefits of straight teeth.

6 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth:

EZ Smile have broken down the most significant health benefits of straight teeth experienced by those with naturally straight teeth, or have undergone teeth aligning treatment such as braces or clear aligners.

Straight Teeth Are Easier to Keep Clean

One of the most significant benefits of having straight teeth is that aligned teeth are a lot easier to keep clean. Even dental professionals are not under the illusion that all patients love to floss and manage to floss daily. It’s no secret that flossing can be a difficult habit to make, without the added issue of having crowded teeth that are hard to get between with flossing tools.

Teeth that are either too crowded or too spread out may be more difficult to properly clean; leaving the mouth at risk of poor oral health. This is important, because straight teeth will have fewer dental problems as they age. If your teeth are evenly spaced, your toothbrush and flossing tools should be able to reach all areas of tooth surface, ensuring a clean, healthy mouth.

Having Straight Teeth Will Prevent Jaw Strain

When your teeth are straight, your bite should almost perfectly align when you close your jaw; resulting in no malocclusion. A poorly aligned bite strains more than just your teeth; it can also stress the joints of the jaw.

The hinged joints that connect your jaw to your skill near your ears (temporomandibular joints) can become easily irritated and incredibly painful when your mouth experiences malocclusion. Those with misaligned teeth may suffer from jaw pain, dizziness, earaches, ringing in ears and nasty headaches. A major health benefit of straight teeth is not having to deal with any jaw troubles. In fact, treating malocclusion through means of straightening your teeth typically provides welcome relief from these jaw strain problems.

Straightening Your Teeth Will Improve Gum Health

As your teeth are easier to keep clean when they are straight, another huge benefit of having straight teeth is that your oral health is better than those who have crooked teeth. This means that those with straight teeth generally have an increased protection against periodontal disease.

Crooked teeth make it incredibly difficult to manage and rid your mouth of bacteria; a crucial element in the development of periodontal disease. An infection that damages the tissues that support teeth, periodontal disease, or gum disease, puts the entire body at risk. Periodontal disease begins in the gum area, where it results in tender, red and bleeding gums. If left untreated, the infection will progress, leading to chronic inflammation and damage to the soft tissue. If periodontal disease is not treated, the gums can begin to recede and in extreme cases, bone is lost, and tooth loss can also occur. Those with misaligned or crooked teeth are at risk of periodontal disease; where straight teeth can work to prevent and avoid the bacteria from building up.

Straight, Healthy Teeth Is Linked to Better Digestion

Our teeth are designed for chewing – the first step in the digestion process. Whether you have naturally straight teeth, or you have undergone teeth straightening treatment, the perfect alignment in your mouth will provide a better chewing, and in turn, digestion process. When you chew your food more thoroughly, it helps to speed up the digestion process. It’s when you haven’t chewed your food properly, that can make the stomach and intestines work harder during digestion and even end up with less nutrition and gut problems – something that is more frequently experienced by those with crooked or misaligned teeth.

Straight Teeth Will Last Longer

As we get older and our bodies start to age, our teeth naturally deteriorate. The benefit of having straight teeth is that your teeth will last longer than if you have crooked teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean, making it easier to manage both healthy upper and lower teeth. As a result, oral hygiene is likely to improve overall. Additionally, it is far easier to manage mouth bacteria, and therefore increases protection against periodontal disease.

Crooked and misaligned teeth can speed up the ageing process, by exacerbating the wear and tear caused by everyday activities. Poor oral health can also cause teeth weakness, which puts your teeth at risk of cracks, breaks and damage.

Having Straight Teeth Will Improve Your Self Esteem

Many Australians living with crooked teeth live are insecure or embarrassed about their misaligned smile. When you don’t feel comfortable with the way you physically look, this can have significant, lasting impacts on your mental health. Smile insecurity is a real thing and can come with a myriad of problems. Having low self-esteem can lead to mental health problems like depression, anxiety and stress.

First impressions last. And unfortunately, one of the first things that we tend to notice about people, is their teeth. The health benefits may extend much further than aesthetics; however, the mental health benefits of a confident and comfortable smile are just as important as the physical health benefits of straight teeth.

Those with straight teeth tend to experience more confidence in their smile. When it comes to those who have been self-conscious or embarrassed about their crooked teeth and have consequently undergone treatment, they tend to experience significant improvements in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Straighten Your Smile with EZ Smile

It’s obvious that the health benefits of straight teeth are plentiful. As Australia’s leading provider of clear aligners, EZ Smile are advocates for improving your health and confidence. The benefits of having straight teeth extend far beyond the surface level advantages you might read about in orthodontic ads; so, if it’s something you’ve been thinking out, we recommend booking a consultation.

While some of us were fortunate enough to be born with a naturally straight smile, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to miss out on a straight, healthy smile. If you’d like to learn more about how your health can benefit from straightening your teeth, our friendly experts at EZ Smile are always here for more information. The specialists in teeth straightening, EZ Smile provide exceptional, convenient, cost-effective clear aligners across Australia.