Clear Aligners

  • Up to 70%^ less than traditional braces
  • No ongoing dental visits required
  • Delivered directly straight to your door front
  • Australian owned with local customer support

Teeth Straightening Melbourne

Looking for the best clear aligners Melbourne can offer? You’ve come to the right place. EZ SMILE are one of Melbourne’s leading providers of clear aligners and teeth straightening kits for you to improve your smile from the comfort of your home.

Not everyone was born with a perfectly straight set of teeth. Thankfully, now many people can finally have the smile they’ve always wanted with EZ SMILE’s teeth straightening Melbourne aligners. At EZ SMILE, we provide clear, thin, comfortable plastic BPA-free aligners that are custom-designed, and 3D printed to fit each person’s requirements to achieve perfect, straight teeth.

EZ SMILE’s clear aligners are a modern, invisible and convenient alternative to traditional teeth straightening methods. Where metal braces are uncomfortable, clunky and inconvenient, EZ SMILE offers an affordable, comfortable and fast teeth aligner solution for anyone with misaligned teeth in Melbourne.

Scanning Locations
in Melbourne

We need to start every treatment by having your teeth and mouth scanned, whether it be by an at-home impression kit that we send out to you, or at one of our EZ SMILE scan centres in Melbourne. Our Melbourne scanning centre locations include:


Dentology Dental Care

130 Nepean Highway
Aspendale Victoria 3195

03 9587 7777

Box Hill

SC Dental Clinic

Suite 18, 28 Arnold St
Box Hill Victoria 3128

03 8849 9233


Monash Dental

1762 Dandenong Rd
Clayton Victoria 3168

03 9544 8241


Afford2Smile Dental LYNDHURST

Level 1 Shop a22/945s Thompsons Rd
Lyndhurst Victoria 3975

03 8738 0107


City Dental Care Cosmetic Centre

Level 3, 620 Bourke St
Melbourne Victoria 3000

03 9600 1123

No centre near you? You can purchase an impression kit and complete the whole process from your home.
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How it works

Step 1

We’ll assess your smile
Working with EZ SMILE, you’ll find that the process of teeth straightening has never been so simple. We’ll start with having your teeth and mouth scanned, with an at-home impression kit or at an EZ SMILE scan centre in Melbourne. Once we’ve got a mould of your current alignment, we’ll get to work on creating your custom-designed clear aligners.

Step 2

See your new smile
You’ll receive your custom-made 3D BPA-free plastic clear aligners. We’re confident that you’ll love your clear aligners treatment in Melbourne with EZ SMILE and you’ll also love the price of just $2499. Not only will you be able to get on with your life without worrying how your teeth alignment treatment looks, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a great smile for a fraction of the price of traditional Melbourne orthodontic treatment.

Step 3

Straighten your teeth with clear aligners
Time to retain that beautiful smile! Once you’ve completed your teeth straightening treatment in Melbourne, you’ll be free of clear aligners. However, you will need to wear an at-night retainer to ensure our now-perfect smile is, well, retained. The first set of retainers is included in the initial payment, and then you can order your retainer set for only $150 from your EZ SMILE customer portal.

Clear Aligners FAQs

  • Do Home Teeth Straightening Kits Work?

    To put it simply, yes. The EZ SMILE home teeth straightening kits are very effective. If you follow your treatment plan and wear your clear aligners for 20 hours per day, you will see fantastic results in just a few months.

    Once we have you approved for your teeth aligners treatment in Melbourne; we are confident that you will be very happy with the results of our home clear aligners and teeth straightening kits. Our clear aligner treatment plans in Melbourne are designed to make small movements at a time, by putting gentle pressure on your teeth. It’s these tiny movements that lead to gradual, fantastic results!

    In fact, if you feel the end result does not match the 3D plan, EZ SMILE offer extra aligners free of charge to ensure each patient receives the results they have paid for. EZ SMILE offer a satisfaction guarantee on all products. If you’ve purchased a treatment plan from EZ SMILE and are not 100% satisfied that the product is working as shown in your treatment plan simply contact us within 90 days of purchase. You will need to have uploaded midway check and final photos of your teeth within 2 weeks of completing your treatment to qualify.

  • How Do Clear Aligners Work?

    Our clear aligners gradually and comfortably shift your teeth while you continue smiling with confidence. Almost entirely invisible, the clear design of each set of aligners means that you can easily wear, clean and maintain your teeth alignment tools without worrying about what they look like from the outset.

    Depending on the requirements of your teeth alignment, EZ SMILE generally has each patient moving onto a new set of aligners every two weeks. Each teeth aligner plays a different role in moving and aligning teeth, with every following retainer tackling a new step in straightening and alignment.

    Each set of aligners is transparent, making your EZ SMILE treatment and teeth alignment process incredibly discreet. Believe it or not, most people won’t know that you’re going through teeth straightening clear aligners treatment in Melbourne when you’re wearing your aligners because they are virtually invisible.

  • How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost in Melbourne?

    Wondering how much clear aligner costs come with the treatment process? That’s easy.

    At EZ SMILE, you can purchase clear Aligners in Melbourne for just $2,499.

    The costs of teeth straightening with EZ SMILE Melbourne are up to 70%^ cheaper than traditional braces. What’s more, we offer four easy ways to pay for your clear aligners in Melbourne, with various instalment plans to suit you and your budget.

    Our clear aligner Melbourne costs are inclusive of all of your aligners shipped directly to you, and ongoing support from the EZ SMILE team. At such affordable rates, we believe that we are helping high-quality, safe teeth straightening more accessible for everyone across Melbourne and Australia. Where traditional braces are often very expensive, painful and inconvenient, EZ SMILE is your solution to straighter teeth, with quick results and fair prices.

  • Can You Eat with Clear Aligners?

    When you are undergoing clear aligner treatment in Melbourne, you do not need to undergo any diet changes. However, you will have to take your aligners out while you eat, so as to not damage the BPA-free, clear plastic. You also need to take your clear aligners out when consuming any beverages that aren’t clear water.

    Once you’re done eating, brush your teeth after every meal or beverage before putting your aligners back in. This will prevent discolouration and tooth decay. If you don’t have access to clean water or your toothbrush, chew some sugar-free gum to remove bacteria, food particles and acid from your teeth before putting your EZ SMILE aligners back in.

  • Do Clear Aligners Hurt?

    When you first insert your EZ SMILE clear aligners, there may be some discomfort initially as you get used to wearing teeth aligners. As your mouth becomes more accustomed to the feeling of your clear aligners, the aligners will mould to your teeth and become more comfortable.

    However, having mild pain or sore teeth during the course of your EZ SMILE clear aligners Melbourne treatment is normal. A little bit of soreness every now and then is a sign that your aligners are working to make those gradual changes. The aligners are gently moving your teeth to align your brand-new smile. For most Melbourne patients, discomfort is mild and will subside within a few days of shifting to a new clear aligner set.

  • Which is Better, Braces or Aligners?

    We strongly believe that aligners are the better option for teeth straightening than braces in the modern-day. Braces are excellent orthodontic tools that treat more than teeth alignment – however, if you purely need to straighten up your smile, clear aligners are the way to go.

    EZ SMILE’s clear aligners are up to 70%^ more affordable than traditional braces. What’s more, the duration of EZ SMILEs clear aligners treatment in Melbourne is significantly shorter. The average treatment duration for braces is approximately 2 years. Our clear aligners will provide you with a straight set of teeth in under 12 months.

    The biggest benefit, however, has to be the fact that anyone can wear clear aligners and straighten their teeth, without having to undergo intense braces treatment. Our teeth aligners in Melbourne are virtually invisible, so you don’t have to worry about the visuals and inconveniences of traditional braces apparatus.

  • Can Clear Aligners in Melbourne Fix an Overbite?

    Unlike traditional invisible braces in Melbourne, EZ SMILE’s treatment does not work to fix or alter an overbite. There may be some incidental bite alteration that comes with aligning the teeth; however, if you are suffering from a severe overbite, you should seek orthodontic advice and treatment. EZ SMILE have a range of dentists that they can recommend to assist with more extreme teeth straightening.

  • Why Choose EZ SMILE for Teeth Straightening in Melbourne?

    EZ SMILE’s Melbourne clear aligner treatment is the perfect solution for someone who wants to invest in straightening their teeth but does not want to deal with the inconveniences of traditional braces. Simply remove your teeth aligners while eating and drinking, to avoid damaging the BPA-free plastic moulds. Keep your clear aligners clean with gentle, natural products. Our aligners are made from a smooth, comfortable, high-quality BPA-free plastic that does not irritate cheeks and gums as traditional braces do.

    Our clear aligners in Melbourne are custom-made, and 3D printed from your initial moulds, to ensure that the alignment process offers perfect results. Whether you come into one of our EZ SMILE scan centres across Melbourne or you’ve provided us with an at-home impression, we’ll ensure that your EZ SMILE treatment plan is perfectly tailored to your existing teeth positioning and the smile you wish to achieve.

    The difference between our competitors and us? At EZ SMILE, we’re committed to providing the smile you’ve always wanted, at a more affordable price. We don’t skip corners, and we’re set on quality. But we also believe that straight teeth shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford it. The team in our lab have developed a way to use digital technology and 3D printing capabilities to straighten your teeth, without charging you a fortune. What’s more, we’re set on making this an easy process (hence our name). We believe that everybody should feel confident with their smile, without the rigmarole of an expensive and complicated orthodontic process.