What to expect on your scan

An intra oral scan takes hundreds of photos of your teeth to recreate 3D renders of your teeth and your bite digitally. Scan generally takes 20 -30 minutes to complete. The expert team in our lab use the scans along with several photos of your teeth to create your 3D teeth straightening plan and to manufacture your aligners.
Booking a scan is simple, when you begin the EZ SMILE process you’ll start by completing an assessment form, which will then take you to a booking page with the option to book a scan or buy a kit. Once you locate the scanning partner clinic closest to you, please call them on the number provided and book an appointment.
Getting a scan is not the same as an x-ray. There is no radiation involved in the scanning process, the scanner essentially acts as a very small camera to digitally recreate the image of your teeth.
The scanning process is not painful at all. Some people may experience some mild discomfort from keeping their mouth open wide for a period of time, but in that event, simply ask the scanning practitioner for a little break to relax your jaw.
Once your scan has been completed, the scanning partner clinic will upload the scans to EZ SMILE head office. This usually takes a couple of days. Once uploaded, our experts in our lab will create your treatment plan which will include a 3D simulation of what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment. It will detail how many aligners you will need and provide you with an estimate of the length of your treatment. It takes between 3-5 days for the plan to then be sent to you.
The end result of completing a scan or an impression kit is the same, there is no difference in the quality of the outcome. Whichever way you prefer to start your EZ SMILE journey, both methods will create accurate models of your teeth for us to create your 3D treatment plan and perfectly fitting aligners. If you live in a remote area or are not close to a scanning partner clinic, then an impression kit is a perfect solution.