Making your impressions

The impression kit includes everything you need to make accurate moulds of your teeth. The experts in our lab use these moulds to create your teeth straightening plan. It’s important that you get your impressions correct as they are also used to create your clear plastic aligners that fit your teeth.

Your impression kit includes putty to make your impressions, trays for the putty with easy to follow instructions, FREE Shipping, pre-paid return shipping label, and your 3D treatment plan.

Your plan shows you exactly how your teeth will move into their final straight position. Start now

There is a QR code on the inside of the impression kit and in your guide, use this to take you to the video. It’s important to watch the full video before you start to make your impressions. This way you’ll get it right and capture your teeth accurately.

For more information on how to make your impressions:

You need to work quickly to combine the teal and white putty until it’s ALL one colour. You then need to insert evenly into the mould before you bite down. You have around 90 seconds before the putty starts to go firm, so aim to have the putty mixed and rolled in 60 seconds, then into your mouth pressing evenly.
A good impression should look like a perfect rendering of your teeth – this means the outlines of your teeth are defined, without drag marks and uneven lines, as well as making sure the whole tooth has been captured ie the impressions are deep enough to see impressions of the tops of the teeth and gum line. Insert photos
The gumline, the point above or below your teeth that meets your gums, is important to capture all the way around the teeth and especially around the front. This is so that when the lab manufactures the aligners they fit your teeth accurately, making them almost invisible and are comfortable to wear.
When spreading the putty in the tray, make sure that there is enough putty spread evenly in the tray. When you sink your teeth into the putty ensure you can feel that your teeth are fully covered by the putty and your upper lip is pulled over the top of the tray. To help make sure you capture the gums and tops of the teeth you can massage the top lip that’s over the tray so you are essentially pushing the putty into and around your teeth and gums.
It should not hurt to make your impressions. To avoid discomfort make sure you choose the correct sized tray for your mouth. If you choose a size too big it can hit your jawbone uncomfortably. You may experience some discomfort while waiting the 3 minutes for the putty to set. However, this should not cause you pain.
Yes, there will be saliva involved and a bit of dribble, so be prepared with a box of tissues.
Yes, if you’re not 100% sure that your impression are correct, please send close up photos of them to and the team will let you know if they are ok to return or if you need to remake. We can always arrange extra putty and this saves lots of freight time in the long run, so please reach out to the team. That’s what we’re here for. It is difficult to be sure when looking at a photo, so occasionally, even when we say they are ok they may still need to be redone, however we won’t know this until they are scanned. PS: make sure that the photos you provide show the inside of the impressions. Take the photo from the back of the tray at the same level as the impressions, not from above.