Clear Aligners

EZ SMILE clear aligners are made using a smooth, high-quality BPA-free plastic that is designed to provide all day comfort. Unlike traditional braces, your custom aligners will not irritate your cheeks or your gums.

Unlike traditional teeth straightening methods, clear aligners are designed to provide a natural, almost invisible appearance. Confidently ace your next interview, meeting, or appointment knowing that your custom clear aligners will be almost imperceptible to everyone in the room.

Clear braces generally refer to non-removable metal braces that have a clear or colourless appearance. To us, clear aligners are a customised clear plastic tray like a mouthguard that is designed to straighten your teeth over time – that’s EZ SMILE

At EZ SMILE we’re making the smile you’ve always wanted more affordable than ever before. The team in our lab have developed a new and easy way to use digital technology and 3D printing capabilities to straighten your teeth.

Our team creates your personalised teeth straightening plan using clear aligners. The clear aligners gradually move your teeth into their final straight position.

While EZ SMILE works for most people, there are some instances where it may not be suitable. Your first step is to find out by answering a few simple questions, it takes just 30 seconds.

Like our name – it’s really easy. Let’s get started.

EZ SMILE works for many people. There are some instances where it may not be suitable – so the first step is to find out! How? By answering a few simple questions and sending us photos of your smile. It only takes 30 seconds. You will receive your aligners in clearly numbered packets, five stages at a time (approximately 10 – 12 weeks of treatment). Your subsequent sets of aligners will be sent to you every 2 months. We will email you to notify you when to expect the next sequence of aligners one week before delivery.

We recommend that you wear your aligners for 20+ hours a day, and for 2-3 weeks before moving to the next stage aligner. You should only remove your aligners before eating or drinking hot liquids or anything, except water.

EZ SMILE clear aligners are a suitable treatment option for an active lifestyle. However, if you are playing any form of contact or ball sport you should remove them whilst playing.

If you have not been wearing your aligners as prescribed for several weeks you may need to revert to the previous set to get your treatment back on track. Note if you have not worn them for more 8 weeks then you may need to reassess your entire treatment plan.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the fitting of any of your aligners or your retainer, please contact EZ SMILE immediately. You can contact us on 1300 936 400 during business hours or email us at [email protected].

If you lose or damage one of your current aligners, it’s important to immediately start wearing an aligner from the previous set. You should then contact EZ SMILE immediately on 1300 936 400 during business hours to order a replacement. This will incur a $99 fee and will take approximately 14 days from the time of notification. You need to keep wearing the previous aligner until your new one arrives to prevent relapse.

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that have been moulded to the shape of your teeth. We use these to add small amounts of pressure to your teeth to move them into a new position. A retainer looks the same as an aligner, however it is slightly thicker and it is used to retain the shape of the teeth. A retainer is to be worn full time for 2-3 weeks and then slowly ease to only wearing them at night.

EZ SMILE Clear Aligners and plans are made by a highly skilled team of orthodontic practitioners in our partner laboratory in China. China is a world leader in clear aligner design and 3d printing technology. Our Clear Aligners are registered in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Our partner lab has successfully treated over 200,000 cases globally and is one of the leading Clear Aligner manufacturers in the world. It is the same lab that many other Australian dentists use to design their treatment plans and clear aligners.

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