EZ SMILE assessment process

EZ SMILE works for many people. There are some instances where it may not be suitable – so the first step is to find out! How? By answering a few simple questions and sending us photos of your smile. It only takes 30 seconds.
You will use this kit to take impressions of your teeth at home. These will help our team create your personalised EZ SMILE treatment plan of clear aligners. Simply follow the instructions provided and watch the video to make your EZ SMILE impressions. Then send us photos to check them at [email protected]. If we think they’re good to go, return them in the labelled pre-paid satchel provided. You can drop this into any Australia Post box or office. The postage is included in your purchase price.
If it is determined that EZ SMILE isn’t appropriate for you, we will refund your impression kit purchase price. You can learn more about refund in our refund policy .